Connection Module Cat. 8.1, 1xRJ45/s, Special, 100x


100 pcs

The R&Mfreenet Cat 8.1 shielded connection module, part of the freenet cabling system, are ideal for very fast data transmissions and high bandwidth applications. This high-performance Cat 8.1 module is perfect for use in 25/40 Gigabit Ethernet (25GBASE-T / 40GBASE-T) and future high-speed applications up to 2000 MHz.

Объем поставки

• RJ45 Cat. 8.1 connection module, shielded

• EMC cover

• Dust cover

• Cable tie

• Installation instructions

Technical Data

Standard / norm

IEC 60603-7

ISO/IEC 11801


EN 50173-1

TIA/EIA 568.2-D

ISO/IEC TR11801-9909

Protection class IP

IP 20

PoE Yes
PoE Level

Yes up to type 3

Connector class

connection module

Shielding connector (A)


Connector type (A)


Category connector (A)

Cat. 8.1

Holder for connector / module

Special (without mounting plate)

Wiring diagram

T568A and T568B

Poles 8
Contact Surface

>1.2µm gold over nickel

Mechanical Data

Dimensions 43.2 mm x 15.5 mm x 15.6 mm / 1.701 in x 0.61 in x 0.614 in (W x H x D)

silver / black


plastic: PC, UL 94 V-0

Climatic Data

Operation temperature -10 °C to +60 °C / +14 °F to +140 °F
Transport / store temperature -40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to +158 °F

Electrical data

Contact Resistance

≤ 5 mΩ

Input-Output Resistance 40 mΩ
Insulation Resistance > 500 MΩ (100 V DC)

More performance

• Innovation in twisted-pair connection technology

• Reliable high-frequency data transmission

• High performance enables 5m short links support

• High density in the patch panel and rack

• Assembly saves time and cost

More security

• Innovatively protected signal transmission

• Consistent performance

• 360° shield housing

• Large-area color coding

• 100% quality control

More convenience

• Quick and simple installation

• Reliable IDC technology

• Automatic cutting of wires

• Each module delivered with protective cover

• 90° and 180° orientation in one module

– Attains Cat 8.1 values together with Cat 8.1 patch cables as specified in standard ISO/IEC 11801 and EN50173-1

– When installed as part of an R&M Cat 8.1 shielded channel or permanent link, it meets the IEEE 802.3bq requirements for 40GBASE-T performance, as well as the requirements for Class I performance according to ISO/IEC 11801 and Cat 8.1 performance according to TIA/EIA 568.2-D.

– Supports extended reach of 25G transmission according to ISO/IEC TR11801-9909

– Very good margins on class EA permanent link limits

– Supports PoE (IEEE 802.3af), PoEP (IEEE 802.3at), 4PpoE (IEEE 802.3bt) and is tested according to IEC 60512-99-001/002 up to type 3

– Gold-plated contact area and tin-plated insulation displacement contact area

– Capacitive and inductive compensation

– Compatible with Cat 8.1 and full mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility with Cat 6A, 6 and 5e standard patch cords

– Automatic cutting of wires for precise, consistent termination

– X-Separator isolates pairs from each other, minimizing influence of cable termination on NEXT performance

– Use of all four sides of modules maximizes distance between pairs for optimum performance

– Unique termination design maximizes space for routing wires without sacrificing density

– Equipped with gauge to prevent RJ11/12 insertion

– Fits into 3rd party outlets and patchpanels with different adapters

– Wiring option according to TIA/EIA T568A and T568B without splitting of pair 3, 6

– Easy to read color wiring chart

– Optional termination tool available

– Halogen-free materials, ROHS II

RJ45 connection module of Cat. 8.1 for the setting up of transmission channels of Class I with up to 2 plugged connections acc. to ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-1 as well the U.S. standard Cat. 8 according to TIA/EIA 568.2-D, interoperable and backwards compatible with Category 6A, 6 and 5e.

Suitable for 40GBASE-T applications in acc. with IEEE 802.3bq™ up to 2000 MHz and 30m.

Tested in line with R&M's manufacturing control, performing 100% inspection.

Compatible with standard plugs RJ45, connection with automatic wire cutting of installation cables AWG 26 – 22 (0.4 mm – 0.65 mm) and flexible cables AWG 26/7 – AWG 22/7 without special tools. X-Separator for individual pair shielding. Parallel pair termination without crossover in acc. with TIA 568-A/B, gold-plated bronze contacts for ≥750 mating cycles, IDC contacts with ≥20 insertion cycles, contact resistance ~5 mOhm, dielectric strength >1000 Veff. Supports PoE (IEEE 802.3af), PoEP (IEEE 802.3at), 4PpoE (IEEE 802.3bt) and is compatible to IEC 60512-99-001/002 up to type 3. 90° wire orientation without bending cable. With integral cable strain relief, including dust cover. Shield contacting by patented shield lance with integral cable strain relief, shield material tin-coated bronze, ground contacting through 1 contact finger for flat connectors 4.8 x 0.5 mm.

Material: halogen-free and heavy-metal free in acc. with EU directives RoHS 2.

Connection module Cat. 8.1, shielded, with EMC cover, dust cover, cable tie and installation instructions.

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