The large industrial group has expanded its manufacturing, engineering and R&D footprint. Today, ABB employs over 10000 people across more than 40 locations in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In addition ABB has 12 manufacturing sites, and one of its seven corporate research centers around the world is based in India.

ABB’s success is driven by a strong focus on research and development. The result is a long track record of innovation. Technologies such as high-voltage DC power transmission as well as a revolutionary approach to ship propulsion were developed or commercialized by ABB. Today, ABB is the largest supplier of industrial motors, power grids and generators to the wind industry.

The Indian subcontinent has witnessed an unprecedented level of economic expansion in recent years. ABB helps its customers to use electrical power efficiently, to increase industrial productivity and lower environmental impact in a sustainable way. Today, ABB is an integral part of the growth story of the region.

ABB decided to set up a global back-end operations support system in Bangalore: ABB Global Business Services (GBS). The expansion demonstrates ABB’s confidence in the local talent pool to fuel growth and future opportunities in the country. When fully established in 2017, the center is expected to employ over 1000 people. This is the first of its kind for the organization, with six similar facilities to be set up across the globe.

Tailored solution

R&M’s solution for ABB’s requirements, comprising Cat. 6 cables and components, can be used throughout the site to achieve optimal channel performance and minimal downtime.

In addition, OM3 installation cables were supplied for the backbone. These can achieve 10 GbE performance which today has become a basic requirement for most customers. High bandwidth cables and R&M’s tool-free connection modules made sure that the project timelines were met by minimizing the time required for termination. From a security perspective, R&M had recommended that the client use external color coding: This can be adapted to any system and helps in cable management and organization, thereby simplifying maintenance. In other projects, unused ports are often left exposed to dust and other foreign particles. For ABB’s GBS project this was counteracted by using hinged dust covers. These covers protect the RJ45 jacks at the outlet as well as patch panels when unused.

The quality of all the components for copper and fiber optic cabling was an important criterion. R&M turned out to be the most advantageous for our requirements as the quality of the products and the ability to provide a future-proof solution impressed us. The operational support throughout the project also enabled us to have a great working relationship.

Satish Balakrishnan, Information Systems Country Manager, ABB India