The business represented employ more than 1 million people. Ai Group and its affiliates have offices in all capital cities as well as key regional locations.

In late 2014, Ai Group decided to relocate to a new office in Melbourne and awarded the project to Rydec P/L. Rydec has been an R&M partner for over five years and has worked with R&M on several successful projects in the past. The solution proposed to Ai Group had to be future-proof in terms of delivering consistent performance. Moreover, it had to be quick and easy to install to complete the project within the given timeline.

Rydec proposed a solution using the Cat. 6A EL module, launched just last year, as it was the perfect mix of high performance, reliability and ease of use. The technicians involved with the project were well-versed with R&M’s products and found the new Cat. 6A EL module simple to use, thereby shortening the time taken for the installation.

In addition, Rydec also proposed the use of R&M’s Cat. 6A ISO for its excellent support for high-density installations in racks using R&M’s 48-port HD panels. The solution also comprised Cat. 6A UTP warp cables, along with 6 x 45RU racking systems supplied by CRS, one of R&M’s distributors in Australia.

The solution delivered met Ai Group’s expectations not only in terms of performance but also in the smooth transition from the old office to the new premises. The Ai Group project is one of the first in Australia to use the R&M Cat. 6A EL connection module.

“The fruitful collaboration of R&M’s reliable products, CRS’ attention to detail in the supply chain and Rydec’s technical expertise resulted in the efficient completion of the project as per the customer’s expectation,” said Dorian O’Sullivan, Project Manager at Rydec.