Sydney University has a brand-new museum named after Dr. Chau Chak Wing, which brings together the largest collection of antiquities in the Southern Hemisphere. For the first time, the museum will display objects from the University’s Nicholson, Macleay and Art collections under one roof. These extensive collections comprise more than 440,000 collection items and the museum will allow the university to display three percent of its total collections at any one time.

The location had a significant meaning for the Aboriginal Gadigal people of the Eora nation for thousands of years as a gathering place and hunting ground, and this long history will be acknowledged and explored within the museum.

Given the prestige of the project, its intricacies, and unique requirements, this was a substantial undertaking for the R&M certified installer QVR Communications but was easily and competently completed on time by the team. 

Customized connectivity solution

R&M engaged with QVR Communications to ensure easy delivery of the project from the start. QVR Communications utilized R&M’s Easy-Lock Cat. 6A EL shielded solution for 1,500 Class EA links to ensure speedy termination and a reliable testing outcome on site. Due to stringent vendor management, the University of Sydney also required a customer-specific R&M patch panel. This suited the University's very specific labeling requirements. 

The University of Sydney is enjoying the benefits of a customized R&M solution, delivered in a timely and professional manner by QVR Communications. Ross Robertson, Project Manager at QVR Communications: 

«The service from R&M was unlike anything I have seen from a vendor in quite some time, and the ease of use of the product and the U/FTP cable utilized were the best I’ve dealt with in a while!»

R&M Australia is proud to partner with QVR Communications on various projects, especially those that require the level of detail they can provide.