When the second wing of the greenDatacenter goes into operation in the autumn of 2014, the vital role green.ch plays in data center business will become even more important. Matthias Koller, Team Leader for Data Center Deployment: “We will then be the Tier IV supplier in Switzerland.” The many discrete lessees of data center space – security-minded international corporations and sensitive co-location customers – are ever-mindful of high availability and appreciate the unique security measures taken here.

Franz Grüter, CEO green.ch, and Ronald van der Meer, Managing Director R&M Switzerland

“We offer maximum security, availability and quality. The facility must operate reliably without interruption. That is our top priority,” CEO Franz Grüter emphasized. “Our suppliers have to practice and implement these values as well.”

In R&M, green.ch has found a supplier of copper and fiber optic infrastructure that shares its own philosophy.

“In all its activities, the green.ch Group relies on three proven values: Swiss quality, reliability and continuity. We appreciate the fact that R&M does its product development and production in Switzerland,” Franz Grüter added. He then talked about the parallels between the two companies: “R&M is a recognized brand. It stands for reliable value. It is a traditional Swiss business with an excellent reputation.” He noted that R&M products lived up to the company’s reputation and had met all quality specifications at all times.

Matthias Koller from green.ch and the installation partner Jost Elektro AG both confirm the compatibility: “green.ch and R&M are a good fit. Innovation is a major topic at both companies.” Four traits that are specially appreciated are no compromise quality and a high level of competence, responsiveness to customers and good cooperation. This last strength manifests itself especially in the reliable delivery performance of R&M and the individual service. “I like working together with R&M. I can rest assured of excellent service tailored to the customer plus customized products. Those are added benefits for planners and installers.”

“A tidy solution!”

Along with the soft skills, the technical advantages are also compelling. Matthias Koller: “The R&M solution saves considerable space in inter-rack cabling.” He described R&M cabling as a “tidy solution,” which is also visually attractive and appreciated by the lessees. With R&M systems, a facility can be modularly expanded quickly and without complication. The same holds true for meeting specific customer requests.

green.ch relied partially on copper and fiber optic solutions from R&M even in its first wing, completed in 2011. The basic equipment in the second wing, under construction since 2013, consists solely of R&M systems. The LAN topology follows the classic tree structure. In the computer room, top-of-rack architecture is employed.

R&M cabling is also offered for individually expanding the leased spaces and caged racks. Intelligent patch systems from Jost Elektro AG are likewise available. The specified equipment is MPO and Cat. 6A connection systems, E-2000™ * and LC connector systems, fiber-optic cables for multimode category OM4 and singlemode category OS2 as well as copper cable for 1200 MHz bandwidth.

Pascal Fähndrich, Team Leader for Data Center Facility Management at green.ch, describes the current trend in data center business as follows: “An increasing number of customers purchase completely configured housing packages, quarter and half racks directly from us instead of equipping their leased space themselves. The desire for security is their motivation. Switzerland is attracting growing numbers of international customers as a data center location because of the security advantages it offers. In this situation, it is good to be able to rely on such an established Swiss partner as R&M.”

* E-2000™, manufactured under license from Diamond SA, Losone.

greenDatacenter: innovative, ecological, secure

“No compromises!” That was the motto in planning the greenDatacenter Zurich-West. Since 2010, green.ch AG has been building the most modern data center in Switzerland in a two-stage project. With its greenfield site, the center is sufficiently removed from sources of danger yet also boasts good traffic connections to the Greater Zurich Area.

The facility is a carrier-neutral data center used solely for this purpose. It features 10 000 square meters of usable space and a redundant 20 Megawatt power supply. A third wing is planned. A total of CHF 120 million are to be invested. The greenDatacenter offers co-location and housing services or the rental of data center space including emergency workstations for business customers.