Sakra combines these large entities to provide cutting-edge medical technologies and herald a change in the current healthcare systems and processes. This flagship 350-bed multi-super specialty hospital is located in Bangalore, India.

As a company committed to achieving comprehensive medical care, Sakra wanted its new hospital to be equipped with a future-proof IT infrastructure. This placed great emphasis on the quality, reliability and performance of the passive cabling system.

The IT team at Sakra wanted a network that would continue to perform reliably and at optimum levels, even while operating at full, designed capacity. The network not only had to fulfill medical, scientific and administrative tasks but also support communication between doctors and patients, and provide data storage for their healthcare services. There can be no downtime in healthcare as emergencies can occur at any moment.

Comprehensive solution for easy-to-manage network

The decision to choose R&M as the preferred brand from all other vendors was the result of thorough, technical insights and support offered by R&M from the beginning of the relationship. This continued throughout the project up to successful completion and handover.

R&M precisely understood what we were looking for and offered us a solution that resulted in an easy-to-manage network that can scale up swiftly and be upgraded in the future. We look forward to working with R&M again when a need arises.

Vikas Sharma, Head of IT at Sakra World Hospital

R&M provided a solution comprising copper Cat. 6 LSZH cables, fiber OM3 cables and components for over 6 000 nodes on the network distributed across five floors. In addition to the quick installation, the hassle-free labeling on the patch panels and convenient cable management ensured that the project was completed as per specifications and well within the expected time frame. The IT team at Sakra also appreciated the fast response and delivery times experienced with relation to additional materials for upgrades made to the facility during the project.