Looking after the sick has a long tradition in Münsterlingen: Around 986 AD, a convent was founded here with the name Monasteriolum – known today as Münsterlingen. Stories have it that an English king’s daughter, Angela, visited her brother, Abbot Gregor, there in Einsiedeln and, on her way home, was hit by severe storms when crossing Lake Constance.

After she was saved, she showed her gratitude by having a church built on the shores of the lake where a refuge for pious women was founded. Sick people have been looked after and cared for here ever since. In around 1840, the first cantonal hospital of Thurgau was founded in the Benedictine monastery.

High demands

Today, the cantonal hospital in Münsterlingen plays a major role in providing medical care for the people of Thurgau. The existing server infrastructure needed an overhaul, however, to be able to fulfill this task as well as possible in future – the data centers were modernized and expanded in several extension phases at multiple locations.

The technical infrastructure had to be adapted to suit both current and future situations because patient administration for the entire hospital network, including all branch offices, is becoming increasingly digital: Diagnostic findings, results of lab tests, X-ray pictures and lots of other important information are transmitted and archived electronically. Furthermore there are medical, statistical and multimedia databases as well as telemedicinal services.

Added to this there are numerous video cameras, access controls and a building master control system – all complex applications for which the fast and reliable processing of data is essential.

Established supplier of healthcare cabling solutions

To guarantee maximum data security, two new, geographically separate, independent and highly available data centers were created – one on existing premises and the other in a former civil defense bunker close by. Redundancy was mandatory as all Spital Thurgau AG companies are linked and data transfer between the hospitals is mirrored.

The cantonal hospital in Münsterlingen chose R&M as its partner for the passive infrastructure in this challenging project. They found the holistic system solution tailored to customer requirements, the quality of the products and the existing, successful collaboration particularly compelling when it came to making a choice. Furthermore, R&M has been able to gain valuable know-how in cabling medical technology over the last few years – and has thus become something of an expert for healthcare solutions with a focus on maximum data security.

Thanks to the intelligent overall concept that R&M presented to us in the planning phase, we were able to save lots of time, expenses and effort.

Leo Welter, project lead for building services, thurmed Immobilien AG

Guaranteed quality

R&M developed a customized solution: All the passive components within the racks were defined precisely to the exact height unit and pre-installed at the R&M factory. This meant packaging material could be disposed of professionally where it was created and transport costs reduced. Further advantages were minimal fire loads, fast implementation, risk minimization and optimal efficiency. R&M took the measurements in formal acceptance procedures as the basis for the 25-year system warranty the customer required. R&M oversaw the project with quality, reliability, professionalism and customer-specific service – from the first concept draft through realization to approval and acceptance and beyond.

From left to right: Leo Welter, project lead for building services, thurmed Immobilien AG; Herbert Stoffel, R&M Switzerland; Matthias Böttcher, ICT project lead, Spital Thurgau AG; Fabian Stritmatter, branch manager at Ellenbroek Hugentobler AG; Matthias Kummer, R&M Switzerland; Michael Hartnack, installer Ellenbroek Hugentobler AG.

Installation was carried out by Ellenbroek Hugentobler AG, a company that has also been collaborating with the Münsterlingen cantonal hospital for a number of years. Branch manager Fabian Stritmatter was very satisfied with the solution: “A fantastic proj-ect during which we were able to gain new experience and grow our expertise.” Installer Michael Hartnack added: “Laying the trunk cables from R&M took next to no time as they are so easy to use.” There was also positive feedback from Leo Welter, project lead for building services at thurmed Immobilien AG (a company in the thurmed group): “R&M has been a top-class supplier and an important contact for us for years now. Thanks to the intelligent overall concept that R&M presented to us in the planning phase, we were able to save lots of time, expenses and effort.”

The project was completed within a time frame of 1 ½ years from planning to the actual commissioning of the new data centers.