The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) is a body under the Ministry of Industry that advises citizens, companies and public bodies, and shares capabilities with the administration and strategic companies to detect cyber threats and issue appropriate warnings.

It is located in the city of León, in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula, and has become the technological center of reference at European level in terms of innovation, technological research and information system security. It is one of the most important data processing centers in Spain today.

The new national security room will link other companies with the Ministry of the Interior, all supervised and managed by the National Intelligence Center. The aforementioned data processing center works with islands – a concept of operation that also has to do with the extreme security measures surrounding this type of center.

Being an island means it can work even if an attack or other incident should leave it without communications. The INCIBE data center has the capacity to generate its own energy and maintain communications, even by satellite. But, in addition, these types of centers often replicate their information as «mirrors» to other CNI (Spanish intelligence agency) centers. The INCIBE is in fact already one of the CNI reference centers.

Its primary mission is to be the cybersecurity incident response center. Working round the clock 365 days a year, it focuses on answering and analyzing any security incidents that occur, working in conjunction with the Spanish security forces.

At the beginning of 2015, work started on the actual design with construction being completed in 2016. TRC Informática was the technological company responsible for installation, one of R&M Iberia’s main partners and a company with which it has worked successfully for several years now.

In the project, more than 1500 RJ45 Cat. 6A ports were installed, as well as the R&M connectivity solution and cabling. The solution includes more than one thousand OM multimode FO ports with a capacity of 10/40/100GB to provide connectivity to a total of 25 server and distribution racks.

In October 2016 there was an external audit of INCIBE with the purpose of reporting the status of the center. All R&M installed materials achieved optimal results. Undoubtedly, a project with demanding levels of response during the course of which it was possible to exceed all expectations thanks to the perfect execution by TRC Informática and the quality of R&M material.