TECHNICOM’s mission extends far beyond conventional research and development. The aim is for the Science Park of the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) to help lead the eastern part of Slovakia into the technological future. The university, town, region and the EU are investing EUR 40 million. They expect sustainable impulses for the transfer and deployment of innovations. The ICT, Technical University, will give rise to high-tech start-ups which will be able to mutually inspire each other. It will guide start-ups with business expertise and promote cooperation between research and industry.

Technical University of Košice (TUKE)

With nine faculties and 9,000 students, the TUKE is the second largest technical university in Slovakia. Several special areas make it unique in Central Europe. Alongside providing outstanding teaching services, the 1,800 people working there focus on the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies.

A new building with technical intelligence is to create the perfect productive atmosphere. This includes a modern communication and data network controlled with R&MinteliPhy. This solution manages the infrastructure entirely automatically in real time. The innovative power of the UVP TECHNICOM will benefit greatly because automated infrastructure management saves time and expenses.

Academics, technicians and founders of new businesses can devote their full attention to their own projects.

This solution also supports the documentation of the cabling of other buildings on the campus. This means that planners and administrators can design the university network in an innovative way and monitor it centrally and highly efficiently.

«I am increasing my productivity considerably with the R&M solution. Taking care of tasks in the server room is now much easier and faster,» says engineer Peter Gerda, Head of the Network and Operational Services Department.

Martin Chovanec, doctor of engineering and Head of the Institute for Computer Technology at the Technical University of Košice, was quick to confirm this on commissioning: «The R&MinteliPhy system gives the managers a detailed overview of the network topology and the status of individual tasks in real time.»

From 1 to 40 Gigabits

R&M’s intelligent cabling solution for the Technical University of Košice was fitted in just a few months in 2016 and was completed before the UVP TECHNICOM itself was commissioned. Alongside OM3-category FO connections, 80 kilometers of Real10 Cat. 6A copper cable were laid, 220 HD patch panels were installed and equipped with R&MinteliPhy sensor strips, 29 R&MinteliPhy analyzers positioned and more than 5,000 patch cords connected. The data center alone accounts for more than 50 patch panels with more than 2,400 ports.