Waleed Naseer F. Al Saud

In order to ensure its new data center leverages with best physical connectivity solutions, McDonald’s selected R&M, well-known for its innovative Swiss-quality cabling solutions. “To maintain the highest quality in our food and service, we have to ensure that our back-end operations and applications are also of the highest quality. We therefore needed a connectivity infrastructure that was very high-performance, reliable, and capable of scaling to support the rapid growth” says Waleed Naseer F. Al Saud, VP, Business Support, at RICC.

We needed a connectivity infrastructure that was very high-performance, reliable, and capable of scaling to support the rapid growth.

Waleed Naseer F. Al Saud, VP, Business Support, Riyadh International Catering Corp

Guided by R&M’s local partner We Care Technology, McDonald’s engaged with the Swiss manufacturer. The Level-1 support from R&M also extended through the design, implementation and training phases of the project. Members from the local integrator and McDonald’s IT team received in-depth trainings on the installation and management of all solutions deployed through R&M Academy. This has also enabled McDonald’s to avail of the 25-year system warranty on the cabling infrastructure and systems supplied by R&M.

Cutting-edge solutions and AIM by R&M

The new data center now boasts a number of cutting-edge R&M solutions including Cat.6A cabling, HD patch panels, OM3 fiber optic cabling, server cabinets, as well as R&M’s copper and fiber optic raceway systems.

The technology highlight however is the R&MinteliPhy Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution which has been used for real-time visibility as well as seamless monitoring and management of the entire physical network. With features such as easy and up-to-date documentation, remote management of infrastructure work orders and simplified asset management, R&MinteliPhy allows McDonald’s to better plan and manage future infrastructure expansions.

f.l.t.r.: Muhammad Sajjad Saeed, IT Infrastructure Manager, RICC; Sathya Kanth Venkata Pottumarthi, Director Info & Technology, RICC; Manzoor Ali, MD R&M KSA & Bahrain.

The R&MinteliPhy system was designed to allow full infrastructure management of McDonald’s data center and office cabling cabinets at their Head Office in Riyadh. With this system, a single analyzer at the end-of-row cabinet controls all cabinets in that row, which will help McDonald’s IT team to save critical space in the data center. The system is currently monitoring more than 1000 Cat. 6A and fiber optic links in the data center and is ready to be linked with remote locations as well for full future management.

At McDonald’s request, the R&MinteliPhy system was also used to monitor – via SNMP – other devices in the network for more integration with the Building Management System (BMS) and active equipment. A 25-year system warranty was provided to the customer after thorough testing and checking of all links. An extensive training with a strong focus on the R&MinteliPhy system was held for all the technical leaders as a part of R&M Academy.