Montreux was already an internationally known resort and conference city back in the 19 th century. The city on the shores of Lake Geneva gained an international reputation with the Rose d’Or Festival. The Montreux Jazz Festival was established in 1967 and attracts 200 000 visitors a year. Today Montreux has a top convention center and is home to countless cultural festivals.

“It is the most significant legacy of music history.”

Jazz producer and musician Quincy Jones talking about the Montreux Sounds Digital Project and the archive of festival founder Claude Nobs.

The networking of Auditorium Stravinski

The premier concert hall of the festival, the Auditorium Stravinski in the Montreux Music & Convention Center, is being gradually updated with the latest technical advances. A fiber-optic network infrastructure is one such advance that has been installed in the multipurpose hall since 2011. R&M supplied essential components for the local data network on behalf of the city of Montreux. Technical coordinator Jean-Paul Chabert explained why the city settled on R&M: “The cabling has to meet the very highest quality requirements.” Only high-end products would do for current and future broadcasting applications. Chabert said there were big quality differences in fiber optic technology in particular and they directly affect network performance and the quality of digital music broadcasting. Failure safety was a further criterion for the decision. As Jean-Paul Chabert said: “When a concert is underway, the equipment simply has to operate.”

The management of the Montreux Music & Convention Center had very limited time to devote to cabling modernization because it constantly has events to organize. It was therefore vital that the installation be as fast as possible and that the center have a reliable partner able to adjust to the requested deadlines. R&M complied with both requirements thanks to quick mounting technology, flexible logistics and customer-oriented project management.

Communication and Data Center in Montreux

The trend to digitalization, the archiving project and ambitious multimedia objectives required the city to make yet another major investment: the installation of its own Communication and Data Center, aka CDC. Similar to the infrastructure of the convention center, the CDC had to satisfy the toughest requirements. That is why the city of Montreux turned once again to R&M to supply the passive infrastructure.

The CDC went into operation in December 2013. It is right on the shores of Lake Geneva. The CDC uses fiberoptic links based on 10 Gbit/s and WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) that attain transmission speeds of up to 50 Gbit/s. They can be employed to network the CDC longer-term with other regional technology centers such as the facilities of EPFL in Lausanne, of CERN in Geneva and of the Ad Valem satellite station in Le Bouveret.

Cédric Rolli from CR Network plans custom network cabinets for every big event. He takes a top-of-rack approach to designing the network architecture featuring 52 distribution nodes. Pierre-Yves Nussbaum, Head of IT and Audiovisual Technology at the Montreux Music & Convention Center, considers it important to have a clear-cut, well-conceived network design. The availability rate of the CDC corresponds with the requirements of the TIER III standard. Fiber-optic technology and shielded copper cabling from R&M ensure excellent signal quality in data transmission. Cooling is done in a low-energy way, with water from the Lake Geneva pump station.

The Communication and Data Center (CDC) of the Convention Center in Montreux is used by the Montreux Comedy Festival (MJF) and a number of other partners. It performs myriad functions, which are placed in different parts of the central computer room. In this way the CDC supports the city data networks and the security and building installations at the Convention Center. It networks telecommunication, Internet and IT providers with each other. The CDC supplies internal and external TV, radio and Internet broadcasting and offers a backup option for the data from all events. It also provides direct connections to the key hotels on site and other partners. External customers can make use of the CDC as well.

In a video interview posted on the Internet homepage of the municipality of Montreux (, Mayor Laurent Wehrli made the following comments: “The new communication center enables services with which we can set ourselves apart from the competition. With this new technology and infrastructure, we can now position Montreux as a top international venue for this sector, just as Claude Nobs did with his jazz festival decades ago. That helps us attract new clients to Montreux time and again for congresses and for cultural and art events.”

5000 hours of jazz concerts now part of UNESCO World Heritage

Since the Montreux Jazz Festival was founded in 1967, over 5000 hours of concerts by over 4000 bands and artists have been digitalized live and stored on video and audio tapes in the storage system of EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). Old recordings may well be able to be called up in future without any trouble thanks in large part to the CDC in Montreux.