The data center is one of the most powerful in Ukraine and has a design capacity of about 1.6 MW, with a possible total of 3 MW in the future (with 1.2 MW implemented in Phase 1). The construction of the data center was completed in August 2013 after an implementation phase of ten months.

The new data center complements other MTS data centers on the territory of Ukraine with high-speed geographically dispersed communication channels constructed on fiber optic lines and modern DWDM equipment. With the main data center, the data rate can reach up to 400 Gbit/s for IP networks and up to 256 Gbit/s for the storage network and data processing SAN.

The data center is connected to two independent urban high-voltage power supply inputs of the first category, which are connected to their distribution points and the transformer substations (power is 10/0, 4 kW).

Several diesel generator sets with redundancy level N+1 guarantee operation of the power supply system, and an uninterrupted power supply system provides parallel working UPS with redundancy level 2N.

Structured cabling system

Sixteen-gigabit fiber channel technology was implemented in the storage area network and fiber optic LC connectors with Grade A and Grade B were used. These high parameter requirements were due to the high link length and the presence of several FO connections in the link. ODF SCM was the best option: It ensured easy installation and operation and also guaranteed the possibility to upgrade in the future. It was a great time-saver in terms of installation in the communication area. The pre-installed MPO / MTP solution also saved installation time and reduced the number of fiber optic patch cords. It is the best solution for systems with a high communications / mounting density as well as saving space in the cabinet. HD also allowed the use of copper and optical permutations in one patch panel. Digital Cross with DDF modules and copper cable with an impedance of 120 ohms were used for the implementation of E1 links. The whole system was constructed to allow the operation of the existing data center today, and provide the gradual migration to new technology with high data rates of 40-100 Gbit/s in the future.

About MTS

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is the largest operator of cellular communication in Russia and
CIS countries, rendering service for more than 74 million subscribers. The license portfolio
of MTS includes most regions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and
the population living in an operative range of the MTS network totals more than 230 million.

The network of MTS Ukraine, PrJSC, covers more than 98 % of the territory of Ukraine and is
inhabited by 99 % of its population. The company renders services to more than 18.28 million
subscribers. It holds licenses for the provision of mobile (GSM-900 / 1800, CDMA-450 standard),
fixed-line and international / inter-city communication as well as providing international
roaming services on five continents. In 2010 its revenues totaled UAH 8.5 billion.