The institution offers excellent conditions for commercializing research. The school meets the expectations of the business sector as it offers a wide range of research, expertise and services using the equipment and specialist knowledge of university personnel. Some Silesian University of Technology scientific research projects can actually be implemented directly in industry.

R&M was able to offer us everything we required in all respects.

Jaroslaw Homa, Administrative Director, Silesian University of Technology

The Silesian University of Technology is an important academic institution which takes an active part in building a knowledge- based society and economy, thus contributing to an increase in the competitiveness of both the region and the country. This is in fact why it became necessary to modernize the IT network to ensure that it will be able to handle all the tasks mentioned above. IT specialists at the university paid particular attention to the performance and reliability of solutions offered for the project. As passive infrastructure is often to blame for the loss of data, this part of the project was declared to be of top priority. The requirements were simple: A reliable, flexible and future-oriented system was what was needed.

“The Silesian University of Technology is one of the largest educational centers in the region. The most important features of the cabling system for us are the density, the flexibility of the solution, and a possible future implementation of Automatic Intelligent Management (AIM) without patch cords and patch panels having to be changed. R&M was able to offer us everything we required in all respects,” says Jaroslaw Homa, Administrative Director, Silesian University of Technology.

R&M came up with an excellent offer: best-performance cabling able to handle the most demanding applications, an unshielded solution to solve the previous bonding problems of the network and optimal use of existing space thanks to high density panels. The customer greatly appreciated the flexibility of the system enabling potential future Moves, Adds & Changes (MACs) in every direction, both copper and FO. A very important issue for the university was the possibility for easy and cost-effective deployment of AIM in the future.

R&M achieved its most important goal, i.e. satisfying its end users. Once again Swiss quality, supported by the knowledge and expertise provided by R&M, has proved to be the best strategy for the future.