In particular Benfica has won virtually every major trophy there is in international club soccer.

The commercial relationship between R&M and Sport Lisboa e Benfica began in 2011 with a golf event: “Golf Tournament Sport Lisboa e Benfica”. Since then, the relationship has been intensified and R&M has supported the club, for example by introducing cabling products into the club’s different enclosures.

For the modernization of the Museu Benfica Cosme Damião museum, R&M engaged one of its certified installers, Fieldeon, to take care of services such as infrastructure, IT, communication, security and energy. Fieldeon has worked together with R&M to provide the best results in every single project fulfilled with the club. The installer, which has been working with R&M since 2011 in Portugal, is a high-quality partner and has also been instrumental in achieving the best possible implementation.

The main goal of this project, as far as telecomunications was concerned, was the implementation of an infrastructure that could support LAN itself, CCTV and video.

When investment protection was declared one of the “must-haves”, a product had to be chosen that would guarantee quality.

Quality solution

Cat. 6A shielded soon became the obvious choice for horizontal distribution. The connection to the main technical pole was ensured with OS2 fiber optic cable. This type of solution has been extended to other parts of the sports complex, including CCTV solution, for fan control, as well as the facilities of Benfica TV.

After just a few months, the museum is working as we expected thanks to the solution provided and the support in project execution.

José Pedro Ribeiro, Director of Infrastructures

The technical requirements of the project were defined by Benfica’s José Pedro Ribeiro, Director of Infrastructures: “We were looking for a cabling solution partner which would allow us to develop a communication infrastructure with a quality guarantee. After just a few months, the museum is working as we expected thanks to the solution provided and the support in project execution”.

Quality visitors

Since the opening, at the end of 2013, 20 000 people have visted the museum. And during the festivities for the tenth anniversary of the stadium, more than 1400 persons visited the museum.

The museum proudly reflects the long and rich history of Sport Lisboa e Benfica and will include a multipurpose room to house temporary exhibitions. The new Museum Benfica is a place of pure interactivity between the past and present history of the club and all “Benfiquistas”. There are 900 exhibits in the museum representing the club’s achievements in soccer as well as in other sports.

Benfica Soccer Club is one of the most famous in the world and its stadium too plays a major international role. This year’s final of the Champions League is to be held at the Estádio da Luz on May 24. The security, reliability and quality solutions will without doubt ensure one of the greatest soccer festivals of the year.

R&M is very proud to have provided the club with the very best technology solutions.