Apart from the roads, the airports are a very important aspect – particularly the international ones. Since the country became a member of the European Union such investments are treated as top priority. A perfect example is Lublin Airport. The city of Lublin is the ninth largest city in Poland with over 350 thousand inhabitants. Plans to build an international airport had been circulating for a number of years but have now taken real shape since Poland implemented European Union structures. The Lublin Airport project received funding from the European Commission, together with money from both central and regional government, and work began in the fall of 2010. Even in the design phase, the airport was considered the most beautiful in Poland and the real thing confirms this. The terminal has three wings occupying a total of more than 11 thousand square meters. The airport has a direct railway connection to the city and further expansion of the terminal was included as a possibility in the plans. The first phase implementation, according to the provisions, allows collision-free passenger service for one million passengers annually.

R&M Poland, as a manufacturer of structured cabling, was involved in the contract in the early stage of design in 2009. R&M had to demonstrate all the benefits of its R&Mfreenet system which make it perfect for use in the harsh conditions that prevail at an airport. For obvious reasons, regulations for IT systems were very strict. The safety and reliability of the operation of the whole airport depends on the quality of the IT infrastructure. R&M illustrated that the R&Mfreenet system is extremely functional as well as being safe from the standpoint of reliability. It also meets all the performance requirements necessary to support the latest IT technology used at the airport. The modularity and flexibility of the R&M solution allow the user free network development planning, another very important aspect. The performance of the R&Mfreenet system was one of the reasons why R&M was chosen as supplier of passive infrastructure for the airport. In order to protect systems from the external noise so common at airports, structured cabling is based on the double-shielded S/FTP Cat. 7 cable operating up to 1200 MHz of bandwidth. The high performance of the cables used guarantees support not only for present applications but also future ones.

Lublin Airport is state of the art in terms of safety, quality and modernity. This is true of the entire airport which has already won a number of awards. The R&M solution is perfect for the airport and the company will certainly contribute to ensuring the proper operation of this new airport in the heart of Europe.