The Sochi Autodrom was officially opened on September 20, 2014. The circuit naturally complies with all international standards and was completed by a team of highly professional construction workers. The first races were held on October 10 –12, 2014 and welcomed Formula 1 back to Russia for the first time since before the revolution period.

The track looks very much like the Homebush Street Circuit in Sydney, where the V8 Supercar Championship and Sydney 500 races are held. The project’s chief architect Hermann Tilke, a German engineer who has designed numerous Formula 1 motor racing circuits, describes this track as quite challenging even for experienced professionals, as it is possible to reach speeds close to 300 kilometers per hour on straights and 200 kilometers per hour while driving round bends. The track is 5848 meters long, 13 – 15 meters wide and has 18 bends. The stands have a seating capacity for 42 thousand people.

One of the main challenges of this project was the creation of the multimedia facilities which are intended to give every spectator the chance to experience the atmosphere no matter where they are. Dozens of cameras and hundreds of commentators have to work as a single fully integrated entity.

The multimedia system consists of 45 kilometers of fiber optic cable and 150 kilometers of copper cable. More than 200 distribution points, providing 8000 optical connections and 2500 Cat. 6 connections, were installed. This network provides the facility with the required level of access and data security, and supports the work of information and technological services.

Izabella Andrianova and Niki Lauda, three-time F1 World Champion

Izabella Andrianova, General Director for Foreign Relations and Corporate Affairs at Stroi International (the construction company that built the Sochi Autodrom): “R&M products are known for their quality and technical characteristics. The service provided by the Russian partners was extremely important as it ensures the project’s future success. In conditions of fierce competition, we gave preference to the RdM Distribution company – the Russian partner of the manufacturer R&M.”