Infrastructures in buildings like these only work perfectly if they are correctly documented. Sooner or later, any errors in the documentation will lead to things going wrong when implementing changes, which could have far-reaching consequences. A study by Gartner showed that 28 % of downtime in data centers is caused by incorrect or incomplete documentation. At 5 Broadgate, a 65 000 m2 office space and trading center in the City of London, the question was clear: What is the best way to tackle these impressive dimensions?

Network administrators would no doubt immediately wonder who or what could control 63 000 class EA links and the more than 125 000 ports of the data, communication and building network. How could the endless information on the structured cabling and the current status of the data network be documented and evaluated in a sensible way? R&M agrees that management and documentation of network connectivity are among the biggest challenges in such systems.

CIOs have the job of asking the big questions about these issues. In addition to economic data, their departments require an insight into the entire IT network – essentially a «sixth sense» for the structure as a whole. Ultimately, there is only one solution worth considering that fully meets all the security and compliance requirements of a globally active financial service provider.

R&M, together with service partner Redstone, flexibly fulfilled all our customization requests.

Robin Holmes, Project Manager, UBS

For this reason, the project partners searched for an infrastructure management system for 5 Broadgate that was reliable, high-performance and easy to use. In addition to 5 Broadgate, the system would also have to enable reliable documentation of the infrastructure of several other office buildings and data centers. It would also have to be able to identify bottlenecks that could impair network operations in advance. So that it could be seamlessly adapted to the latest challenges of the digitalized finance market at any point in the future, the system also had to be flexible and scalable.

Added value

The project has proved that:

  • R&MinteliPhy offers a robust solution for infrastructure management. It meets the sophisticated demands of financial service providers.
  • R&M and its service partners have the resources necessary to construct the server and create a precise digital image of a complex network infrastructure.
  • The R&MinteliPhy software can be adapted to the specific needs of an individual customer.
  • R&MinteliPhy can be scaled freely so that even the very largest networks can be documented.

Digital image of the network

Reliability, top performance, flexibility and scalability are all in the DNA of cabling specialist R&M, meaning that answers to all the questions and solutions for all the requirements could be found under one roof. The project partners chose R&MinteliPhy as their universal planning, documentation and reporting tool. But perfection also means adapting every last detail of this system to meet the individual requirements of the specific application.

One of the customer’s wishes was to rebrand R&MinteliPhy to match their in-house corporate design and give it the name CMS (cable management system) conventionally used at UBS. They also asked for special templates and reports to be prepared on the R&MinteliPhy server.

With the support of the R&MinteliPhy Competence Center in Wetzikon, the engineers of British R&M partner Redstone Converged Solutions Ltd. got to work. While the cabling was being installed, they developed a complete digital image of the network on the R&MinteliPhy server for 5 Broadgate. After a test run starting in October 2015, the server was put into full operation in June 2016 with complete documentation of more than 500 racks in the machine and in two other data centers in the UK. A further 90 racks and an international data center are also set to be integrated. Redstone is providing ongoing support on site.

The customer: UBS

UBS is a global firm providing financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. The Swiss based UBS Group is present in all major financial centers and has offices in over 50 countries. In the UK, UBS offers wealth management, investment banking and asset management services.

The partner: Redstone

Redstone Converged Solutions Ltd.’s 30-year her- itage of delivering ICT infrastructure engineering is unmatched in the UK market. At Redstone, the infrastructure engineering services are backed by a depth of industry expertise and quality that assure building network infrastructure and systems. The large and experienced team understands the complexities of delivering cabling and ICT infrastructure projects and works with key stakeholders to ensure their needs are met.

Redstone has a long history of delivering some of the biggest and most complex ICT infrastructure and cabling projects in the UK.

Three-dimensional visualization

The users particularly appreciate the three-dimensional visualization of the physi-cal network infrastructure (3D modeling and rendering). This R&MinteliPhy feature makes it easy to keep track of the system and provides realistic three-dimensional views of the installations. Other important functions of R&MinteliPhy that have proved indispensable both when preparing the documentation and now during operation are:

  • Determination of the cable routing, and calculation of cable lengths for planning new connections based on this
  • Work order management for controlled processing of the patch orders that arise daily
  • Resource management for efficient utilization of the capacity in racks and conduits

UBS project manager Robin Holmes is delighted with the results: «R&M, together with service partner Redstone, flexibly fulfilled all our customization requests.» Following the good experiences so far with R&MinteliPhy, the customer is now investigating ways to expand the system into a global documentation platform.

R&MinteliPhy Manage – the software for automated infrastructure management

R&MinteliPhy is a flexible and intelligent system for automated infrastructure management (AIM) of data centers and office cabling networks. Tree diagrams, network maps and meaningful reports give administrators a precise overview of the network. Analyses, diagnoses, emergency assistance – everything can be taken care of centrally with just a few clicks of the mouse.

R&MinteliPhy supports planning and controlled execution of changes, automatically generating work instructions, bills of material and cable labels for installers. Graphics and statistics can be called up in just seconds from the built-in R&MinteliPhy reporting facilities – for SLA compliance, for monitoring, planning, risk analysis and for audits or certifications. Data protection, safety and compliance provisions can be fulfilled inexpensively and reliably.