The elegant building in Issy-les-Moulineaux in the metropolitan area of Paris is completely consistent with the ecological values of the Rocher Group, as it has the NF “HQE” (Haute Qualité Environnementale – High Environmental Quality) and “BREEAM” certifications. In addition, it is also considered to be an “LPO refuge” for birds: the 550 m2 green facade and the green spaces covering more than 2 200 m2 provide a protected habitat for numerous types of birds.

There are in all 25 000 m2 available over eight floors, of which 6 000 m2 are used for research laboratories and innovative equipment. The design process for the new building was inclusive as far as the employees of the Rocher Group and their needs were concerned. Different areas of expertise, knowledge and experience all come together in the Cap Rocher building. It is a place for exchange and sharing, with the focus on collaboration. The arrangement of the spacious, but nevertheless manageable, office areas is thus also characterized by openness, diversity and mobility. Since the start of 2015, every employee has found a working environment there which is tailored to their tasks.

Future-proof and reliable

Cap Rocher awarded the contract to implement the network cabling infrastructure to the system integrator SNEF in November 2013. This involved a mixed fiber optic-copper solution from R&M, configured for a future speed of 10 GB at the workstation.

The installation of the infrastructure took ten months, from March 2014 until December 2014. The core equipment is housed in two technical rooms and ensures reliable continuous operation of the network in all parts of the building.

“The hardware comprises 250 24-port panels, 5 500 links and 16 distributors, with a total of 300 kilometers of copper cable and numerous patch cords. For many years we have enjoyed collaboration with R&M based on mutual trust, and we particularly value the reliable deliveries, outstanding on-site support and high product quality. Around two dozen people were involved with this project. Everything went to plan, both in terms of delivery and installation. The initial connections and performance tests were totally convincing”, said Cyril Landois, Project Supervisor and Installer of the SNEF Group.

Digital workplace

“So that our digital workplace project fits in with the new, collaborative way of working and the environment associated with this (along with meeting the special requirements of the research laboratory), we configured our infrastructures to be simple and flexible. R&M’s innovative products, both in terms of the panel solutions (angular panels, color coding) and of the end terminations and the user-friendly labeling accessories, impressed us”, said Bruno de La Barre, Project Manager for Cap Rocher in the information technology department.

“The decisive factor for us was implementing a uniform complete solution that ensured quality of service right through to the workstation. We carried out several performance tests, above all in the area of copper solutions, each time with excellent results. Performance was also above average when it came to failure safety, which indicates sustainable quality. Last but not least, we have also had good experiences with the patch guard fuses, especially in shared areas, such as meeting rooms”, added Bruno de La Barre.

With a workforce of 15 000, the Rocher Group is a profitable, independent family business, around 97 % of which is owned by the family who founded it, and which is now led by Bris Rocher in line with his grandfather’s vision.

The Group is proud of its Breton roots, but at the same time has a major international presence with agencies in over a hundred countries. Every woman who is a customer of the Rocher Group is treated like a queen, and it is no surprise that 40 million women trust in the quality and efficacy of Rocher’s products.

The SNEF Group was founded in 1905 and is a recognized service provider for cross-technology solutions in the energy, industrial processing, telecommunications and information technology sectors.