NOS is a brand new telecommunications company in Portugal which came into being through the merger of the two largest telecom groups in the country, cable operator Zon Multimedia and mobile operator Optimus. The result: a major Portuguese company offering fixed telephony, mobile, cable and Internet services.


The new operator offers premium-service TV, voice and Internet to its customers and has top-quality deployment facilities. "NOS is the biggest communications and entertainment group in Portugal as well as being the leader in pay TV, broadband and in latest-generation cinema distribution. The company has more than 3.7 million cell phone customers, around 1.5 million TV customers, 1.5 million fixed telephone customers and 1.027 thousand broadband Internet customers. The customers know they can put their trust in us because, at the other end of the line, they have the company that was voted to have the best customer service in the world at the 2013 Contact Centre World prizes,” says Herminio Moutinho, Infrastructures Management Department at NOS Comunicações.

When a project was drafted to bring these services to homes, NOS teamed up with SDT, a service provider operating in the sector since 1978. SDT delivered instrumental and comprehensive advice and support, as well as providing a guarantee for every job performed.


After studying and developing the draft to be pursued, SDT suggested collaboration with Swiss brand R&M in order to maintain its commitment to quality assurance. SDT and R&M have been collaborating companies for several years now and have worked together on several projects pledging to meet all customers’ needs. R&M has started installing Venus and Splitter Boxes to manage fiber optics throughout the area.

The close cooperation and excellent relations between R&M and integrator SDT undoubtedly contributed to the project's success, highlighting R&M’s flexibility to adapt products to the specific needs of each case. Furthermore, the project impressively demonstrated that the quality of the two companies’ customer support is unparalleled.

The proposed deployment of fiber to the home started in 2014 and is scheduled to last 24 months. One of the main purposes of the operator from the outset was to take its fiber optic network to both rural areas and the main Portuguese cities. The investment by NOS Comunicações is twice as much as those already undertaken by other carriers known internationally.

Herminio Moutinho, NOS Infrastructures Management Department: "It's not by chance that we have revolutionized communications in Portugal. Our aim is to provide our customers with the fastest, safest and most innovative service on the market. We have combined all fixed and mobile communications services into a single robust and integrated structure using the most advanced and intelligent networks in the country. SDT and R&M have helped us supply the latest generation of communications resulting in fast, robust and high-capability solutions our customers can rely on.