The Xunta has a vast bureaucratic organization at its disposal. This is based at Santiago de Compostela, the Galician government administrative city, although the most important city is A Coruña. It has delegations in the four provincial capitals of Galicia: A Coruña, Pontevedra, Ourense and Lugo.

The Xunta finds its origins in the Xunta of the Kingdom of Galicia, active between 1528 and 1833. The Xunta was Galicia’s representation to the central Spanish monarchy. But at that time the Xunta did not hold real power; it was a consultative body only. The process of devolution initiated by the passing of the Spanish Constitution in 1978 allowed for the establishment of a new Xunta on March 16, 1978. The Galician Statute of Autonomy (1981) came to ratify the Xunta and Galicia’s self-government.

Best solutions for healthcare environment

In 2015, the Galician government approved the continuation of work at the University Hospital Complex of Ourense (CHIJO), anticipated to be completed this summer. At the same time, in a separate procedure, the Sergas (Galician Health Service) decided who was to provide services and supply CHUO: R&M was the manufacturer selected for the expansion of the infrastructure data solutions. R&M works together with EDNON, an expert in the integration of media systems, implementation of systems for data storage and back up, as well as the supply of software, microcomputers and management tools. EDNON is an R&M system partner primarily responsible for designing the most appropriate package of solutions for the project.
The first investment phase is intended to finance 50 000 square meters of hospital with better provision in seven buildings containing about 900 beds. It will have 700 parking spaces.

Education through best data solutions

On September 25, 2015, the Galician regional government received aid from the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). This funding was provided under the operational program Galicia FEDER 2007-2013 (file 08/2015) and will be used to supply equipment for use in training centers for the public employees of the regional government of Galicia and development service management tool equipment in classrooms.
Property description: provision of microcomputer equipment (digital classroom kits) for public schools, service installation, configuration and commissioning of such equipment on user premises, installation, service and configuration of access points for the corporate network in the classrooms of state schools.

As soon as I knew the main requirements of the project, I saw R&M solutions as the answer to everything we were looking for.

Pablo Leis, Sales Manager EDNON

In both projects, the main necessity was to develop a modular, flexible solution which can be adapted to any kind of environment. “As soon as I knew the main requirements of the project, I saw R&M solutions as the answer to everything we were looking for,” said Pablo Leis (Sales Manager at EDNON).
In this outstanding project, R&M has brought quality to Galician citizens giving them better access to important services, such as health and education. The project was not only about quality services but also about providing the best choice to citizens.