In the heart of the Tirol (Austria), not far from the regional capital of Innsbruck, beside the Inn, lies the small, historically important town of Hall, with its population of just under 14,000. It owes its significance to two valuable resources: salt and coins. As early as the Middle Ages, Hall gained its wealth by extracting white gold; the town subsequently became a mint and one of the main trading centers under Hapsburg rule. Moreover, timber grills installed in the Inn to supply the saltworks with wood made Hall the birthplace of shipping on the Inn, and an important trading post.

Yesterday salt, today data

Salt, coins and shipping shaped the town's glorious past and are therefore very much a part of Hall's culture. Yet the town owes its present-day economic success to other services entirely - including three data centers and a fiber optic backbone with Internet hubs in Vienna, Munich and Frankfurt. The operator is Hall AG, a spin-off under municipal ownership which, besides data, also supplies electricity, water and heat.

Hall AG has its own IT department in charge of its data network which, under the Citynet brand, is now one of Western Austria's biggest Internet service providers. In addition to its own fiber optic network, it also operates a DSL infrastructure in the Hall-Wattens region.

Future-proof expansion

In response to increasing demands and a growing customer base, Citynet decided to expand the three data centers in Hall, Innsbruck and Absam. The expansion program also involved the rollout of the fiber optic network between Feldkirch and Kufstein - including equipping the related node points. For the management, the quality of the cabling and the components was paramount: "We wanted to be on the safe side for the future", explains Maximilian Schiffner, Deputy Manager of the IT department at Citynet. It was therefore important to find a solution that can be easily expanded as requirements increase. Another aim was to establish a consistent standard in all data centers and node points to guarantee easy installation and optimized warehousing.

As part of its project planning, Citynet compared several providers who were under consideration to supply the network components. A visit to R&M in Wetzikon and a tour of the demonstration room ultimately helped persuade Citynet to choose Swiss quality products. R&M's components impressed the client with their numerous benefits which facilitate the installation, operation and expansion of the network.