A suitable multimedia outlet was quickly found. Shortly afterward, R&M launched the first new Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) on the market. The distribution frame for FO networks also caught the eye of the planning and installation experts from Instakom. From these very first meetings, Instakom and R&M have successfully worked together on a trusting basis on lots of FO projects.

Powerful presence with the ODF 

Instakom immediately scored with numerous customers with the ODF from R&M. But the resources of the ODF were over the top for some projects. By default, R&M provides patch inserts with 24 ports for the splitters in the ODF. But Instakom also needs mini splitters with one to two ports. A suitable solution was quickly developed and realized. 

The modified patch inserts take up less space than the standard type and are attractive in terms of price. The Instakom technicians can put them together themselves. «And what’s more, this efficient solution simplifies the work of our network planners,» says a happy Felix Neukom, Head of FO at Instakom.

R&M fulfills special wishes 

«Nowadays things always have to be faster. We are permanently under considerable pressure in terms of time, price and competition, » says Felix Neukom. And R&M is the ideal partner in this situation. «I feel happy and well looked after with R&M. All I need to do is call and I get specific help and advice. The cooperation is efficient, fast, flexible and service-oriented. R&M knows what the customer needs and can put this into place immediately.» The support in customer-specific requirements is also seen as a major success factor of the collaboration.

Instakom as a pilot user

Over the course of time, the collaboration was intensified to such an extent that Instakom took on the role of a pilot user. The long-term partner is always one of the first to test R&M products for FO networks. Feedback from planners and installers has often helped R&M optimize its products. Felix Neukom: «The training sessions and the proactive positioning of new products are very important to us. They give us a head start in terms of knowledge and we feel involved and informed.»

Just recently a delegation of Cuban R&M customers benefited from this. The guests were able to view the inside of above-ground street cabinets on-site in an Instakom project. The perfectly installed solutions were compelling.

Constant dialog

R&M enjoys involving customers in product development, as is the case with the specialists from Instakom. For example the Optical Termination Outlet (OTO). «Peter Meier turned up with a sample of the new outlet and we had time to study the product. He even came round with CAD designers from the R&M development department to examine a planned product in advance. The installation experts from Instakom showed the design engineers what they would modify. The design engineers explained what was feasible. Both sides learn from one another,» explains Felix Neukom. «The products have to be simple, logical and easy to use. Users have to be able to recognize immediately how the installation works.»

The next step is heading toward digitalization. Instakom is already involved in the new R&M webshop. Apart from the catalog, shopping cart, and ordering system, it also has a well thought out tracking function. «This tool helps us keep a closer eye on stocks,» says Felix Neukom.

«R&M products are stable, user-friendly and of premium quality. The price/performance ratio is right and the service is all-embracing.»

Felix Neukom, Head of FO, Instakom AG

Instakom AG

Instakom AG, domiciled in Zollikerberg near Zurich, plans, installs and maintains custom-made cable, broadband, and Fiber to the Home networks. As a service provider, Instakom also takes care of the local communication network, Zollikonline. A further branch of business comprises complex IT systems for monitoring, surveillance, TV, and WiFi.

Clients include Swiss municipalities, utilities, hospitals, the ETH Zurich as well as Zurich Airport. Within the region, Instakom is one of the established experts for fast and above all special cabling solutions. Instakom always tries to realize a full package from cable planning to installation and commissioning. Instakom prefers to use the scalable R&Mfoxs range for public FO networks. This includes the ODF, SYNO dome closures as well as Venus- and Polaris-boxes.