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inteliPhy Brownfield Service

Make your patch panels intelligent.

Manual processes for tracing patching activity and documenting trace information with Excel, Visio, AutoCAD are very time consuming for employees and error-prone. Most existing patch panels are from vendors that do not offer technology to upgrade infrastructure with intelligence.
R&M is different. Accelerate digital and increase your efficiency with real-time automatic documentation of physical connections and visualization in R&M’s easy-to-use DCIM.

The inteliPhy Brownfield Service is a customization program available for patch panels from any vendor, giving you the chance to upgrade non-R&M physical network infrastructure with a Smart Networks IoT layer. Smart Networks is R&M’s architecture to bring intelligence and automation to physical network infrastructures.  independent of whether your existing installation is based on any structured cabling vendor, the inteliPhy add-on service enables you to deliver a holistic view of your network and its connectivity in real time.

You don’t only benefit from an IoT-layer custom designed to your infrastructure but also from our DCIM software that allows you to locate and identify your equipment and track any network changes.


  • Customer Samples (patch panel + patch cords)
  • 3 weeks


  • Mechanical design
  • PCB design
  • Production prototypes
  • Accetpance test
  • 6 weeks


  • EMC Certification
  • Series production
  • 8 – 12 weeks

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