With the Cat. 6A connection modules, R&M has demonstrated that this demanding technology can be easily installed in the field. Now comes the Cat. 6A solution for connectors, the FM45 Cat. 6A.

The newly developed FM45 Cat. 6A enables on-site wiring in any situation in just a few easy steps, just like the FM45 Cat. 5e connector, which is already an outstanding market success. No special tools are required for assembly. R&M's top-quality, robust IDC technology and the intuitive Easy Lock wiring concept simplify error-free assembly in a revolutionary way.

With the FM45 Cat. 6A, installers and users can make full-fledged Cat. 6A / Class EA channels in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 in virtually every environment. Cat. 6A products of the R&M brand – recognizable by the red connector housing – regularly surpass the parameters required in the standards. Red stands for reliable outstanding performance. As a result, the field mountable Cat. 6A connector also fulfills all requirements for network operation with 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

For example, 10 G channels can be installed as so-called bulkhead connections – also referred to as switch links. The installation complies with ISO / IEC 24702 for local data networks in industrial plants and in automation. Further areas of use of the new field connector:

  • Structured building and office cabling
  • Easy bus and data connections, direct connections
  • Applications with Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)

The FM45 connectors also serve as practical supports for servicing, maintenance and repairs, as well as when setting up individual LAN infrastructures.

R&M is supplying the new FM45 Cat. 6A with all the performance characteristics of the proven FM45 product family. These include

  • Color coding
  • IP protection
  • Metal housing for maximum shielding
  • Electrical termination of all wires from AWG 22 to AWG 26
  • Compatibility with cable cross sections of up to 8 mm (shielded and unshielded)

The basic version complies with the requirements of the IP20 protection index and the shielded version with all requirements of the IP67 protection index. In the case of the IP67 type, a sturdy round sleeve protects against penetration of dust and liquids. The FM45 Cat. 6A is of course backward compatible with Cat. 6 and Cat. 5e connections.

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  • Flexibility: unlimited usability 
  • Efficiency: tool-free wiring
  • Reliability: robust contacting



  • Cat. 6A copper connectivity technology
  • Local data networks
  • Structured cabling
  • Switch links, network distributors, device connections
  • Bus cabling, building automation, safety and security technology
  • Communication and telephone cabling
  • Industry 4.0, automation, Industrial Ethernet
  • Home networks, smart homes, multimedia installations
  • Stage, show, concert and event installations