Key benefits:


  • Migration both to existing and new network infrastructures
  • Front or rear mounting in 19’’ and ETSI racks
  • Modular application (pure splice, splice patch, breakout applications, fiber storage)

Simple installation

  • Front access to connectors
  • Tool-free installation of the 3U sub-rack
  • Simple and secure routing of loose tube cables to the splice trays
  • Fine distribution of the fibers to the individual modules
  • Terminal block for transport tubes

Reliable operation during maintenance work

  • Greatest network availability thanks to optimized fiber routing (moving channel)
  • Connection detection without having to pull out the drawer thanks to front access
  • Simplified cleaning and inspection thanks to service position of connectors
  • Consistent fiber management concept in the R&M ODF rack
  • Fast fiber recognition thanks to an intelligent labeling concept
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