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Building Entrance Facility

Where you set the foundation of your customer’s provider choice

We provide a wide variety of OSP and BEF products, enabling flexibility on realizing the solution with preterminated, splice, and field-terminated options.

Leading colocation data centers enable their customers to tap into an abundance of service providers to customize the network, cloud and IT solutions for their operations. The foundation of this service provider variety is laid in the building entrance facilities (BEF). The entrance facility is the location where the Telecom Service Provider equipment and demarcation points interconnect with the data center. Its equipment is critical to the security, safety, and reliability of your organization. To keep the data center networks sound and secure, your entrance facility requires more than only high-performance fiber connectivity.

If you are connecting multiple colocation facilities in a campus with the MAN or WAN, R&M delivers an extensive platform of building entrance solutions designed to provide seamless transition between service providers’ outside plant fibers and your colocation.

For campus deployments involving multiple buildings, R&M offers the outside plant (OSP) fiber cable and high-density fiber-optic splice closure solutions that deliver the high-quality, flexibility and speed of deployment our customers need. As a leading supplier to the telecom carrier industry, R&M provides OSP fiber-optic splice closures which combine proven fiber management with a highly reliable cold-sealing system and are designed for a wide variety of installation environments.

High-density optical distribution frames (ODFs) provide easy access to all cables and connectors for rapid routing and connection, turn-ups, and maintenance. Innovative and highly flexible fiber raceway systems protect and help manage your increasingly complex and dense fiber network.

Products for Building Entrance Facility

Digital Building Gen. 1
Digital Building Gen. 2
Digital Building SPE
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Patient Room
Treatment Room
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
On Board Cabling
Cabin Cabling
Industry LAN
Outdoor LAN
Multimedia Cabling
Home Distributor
Home Wiring
Server Hall
Data Center Interconnect
Data Center Computing Solutions
Operation & Maintenance
Building Entrance Facility
Customer Connection
Operation & Maintenance
Urban Development
Cable sharing
Horizontal cabling STP
Horizontal cabling UTP
WLAN integration
Backbone cabling
Horizontal FO
Voice & Control Int.
Ship Cabling
Healthcare Cabling
Residential Cabling
Office Cabling
Industrial Cabling
Digital Building
Local Area Network
Public Networks
Data Center
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