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Operation & Maintenance for Enterprise Data Centers

Get the most from your IT infrastructure investment with Smart Network solutions

Everyday life in data center IT infrastructure management is complicated enough. All the better that R&M has created a straightforward, high-performance solution for infrastructure management that is easy to use. Data center management tools such as the Smart Networks solution is needed because data centers today have no more leeway. The utilization of resources has to be maximized. No one can allow themselves the luxury of delays, downtimes or mistakes. Change requests have to be carried out immediately and perfectly. ITIL and other rules set narrow limits.

Manual administration also works but has serious drawbacks. Personnel resources and time are needed to update tables or databases. The information is never current and complete. That complicates troubleshooting and MAC processes, not to mention optimum capacity utilization and controlled quality.

Accelerate your data center transformation

The evolution of new market dynamics is making the technology environment more complex. IT needs to simultaneously minimize complexity and cost while supporting the onslaught of new infrastructure and applications. R&M offers the right mix of automation and real-time insights into workorders, supported by strategic guidance and expert recommendations, to help you accelerate your data center transformation, reduce MTTR by up to 80%, and provision up to 50% faster.

Quick return on investment into data center management

By contrast, a reliable data center management system delivers a full overview of the status and configuration of the network system and does so in real time at one central location. Smart Networks replaces manual activities with standardized processes. After covering the initial expenses, a company can cut specific operating costs by as much as 50%. The payback period for an investment in a Smart Networks system is typically less than a year. In other words, it is worthwhile to invest in data center management.

Products for Operation & Maintenance for Enterprise Data Centers

Digital Building Gen. 1
Digital Building Gen. 2
Digital Building SPE
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Patient Room
Treatment Room
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
On Board Cabling
Cabin Cabling
Industry LAN
Outdoor LAN
Multimedia Cabling
Home Distributor
Home Wiring
Server Hall
Data Center Interconnect
Data Center Computing Solutions
Operation & Maintenance
Building Entrance Facility
Customer Connection
Operation & Maintenance
Urban Development
Cable sharing
Horizontal cabling STP
Horizontal cabling UTP
WLAN integration
Backbone cabling
Horizontal FO
Voice & Control Int.
Ship Cabling
Healthcare Cabling
Residential Cabling
Office Cabling
Industrial Cabling
Digital Building
Local Area Network
Public Networks
Data Center
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