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Danger of counterfeit E-2000™ components and how you can protect yourself

About original E-2000™ components

E-2000™ components are on the market for many years. Thanks to their excellent technology with regards to mechanical and optical ports, E-2000™ components are often number one choice for most standards and customer applications. However, more and more fake R&M E-2000™ connectors, adapters and assem­blies are appearing on the market. The operator of an installed network is often unaware that imitations were used in his network instead of original components.

Choose original products and avoid trademark fraud

The last property right on the E-2000™ connector expired in July 2017 (the patent is owned by Diamond SA, Switzerland). The trade name E-2000™ will remain protected, however, and may only be used by Diamond, R&M and H+S. Diamond, R&M and H+S are also protected worldwide. It is therefore a prosecutable act:

  • To sell or install components labeled E-2000™ without owning the necessary trademark rights.
  • To sell or install fake products labeled as Diamond, R&M and H+S products.

Safe operations with original products

Regarding IL and RL values listed in the production protocols and measured immediately after manufacturing, imitations may appear identical because these values mainly depend on the precision of the ferrule.

It is only during operation (ageing process) that the differences bet­ween original and fake come into effect and diminish the quality of the light transmission.

The external factors that have an effect during operation (on metal, plastic, connecting points) of a plugged connection are:

  • Air humidity
  • Temperature changes
  • Vibrations
  • Multiple insertions (maintenance, MAC)
  • Pressing and tensile forces
  • Each-to-each deficiency to licensed E-2000™ manufacturers
  • Flammability of the plastic parts

Only original products are compliant with environmental standards

R&M E-2000™ components are tested and certified to comply with various standards:

  • RoHS
  • UL
  • Local and regional regulations

Critical applications

The mechanical stability of a plugged connection is critical with the following applications:

Grade A, grade B and grade C performance acc. to IEC 61753-1 (IL/RL under load)Operating temperature

  • Mating cycles
  • Tensile test
  • Bending test
  • Pressing and tensile forces
  • Each-to-each deficiency to licensed E-2000™

High-power transmissions (> 0.5 Watt)

Specifications operating conditions

  • Class C (-10 / +60)
  • Class U (-25 / +70)
  • Class E (-40 / +85)


R&M connectors are designed for durability and dimensional stability and they guarantee the flawless functioning of the optical and mechanical connection over the entire course of their operating life. Original connectors are tested and certified in accordance with prevailing environmental standards and ensure the fulfillment of environmentally relevant requirements and guidelines.


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