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SYNO dome closure

Flexible FTTx solution with gel cold sealing and modular cable entries

Modular, flexible, innovative. The SYNO dome closure meets all the requirements of modern fiber optic networks. This solution features innovative gel cold sealing and variable cable entries, giving network operators more freedom for FTTx projects.

The dome closure boasts optimum flexibility. The eight radially arranged, modular cable entries support all desired configurations and mixed assemblies of cables and micro ducts. Network operators have more freedom to tailor their plans and change them at short notice as conversions are always possible.

Cables are laid laterally into the cable entries. There is no need to thread the fiber optic cable through the bottom of the closure. The cable entry kits can be opened, closed, changed, and retrofitted in just a few simple steps. The cable connectors and individual cables are always freely accessible. This concept is set to revolutionize the assembly process in the field and simplify maintenance work during operation.

R&M supplies seven cable entry kits for one to 16 cables, optimized for all typical cable diameters. Cables up to 28 mm and micro ducts up to 14 mm in diameter fit in the kits. This flexibility makes the dome closure suitable for almost any area of application. From distribution and branch off joints to connecting closures, the SYNO dome closure is a strong performer in all disciplines and can be adapted to any task.

Innovative SYNO gel seals protect the valuable contents. The gel blocks integrated into the cable entry kits are also easy to open and replace, re-sealable, and have long-term stability.

Logical, intuitive work steps shorten the assembly process. The cable gripper is fastened outside the dome closure – for example, this can be done quickly and easily on a work table. The inner mechanisms of the splice closure remain undisturbed and protected during assembly work.

Inside you will find R&M’s tried-and-tested Single Circuit Management System with its scalable tray technology. The largest of the three closure variants can hold up to 1152 splices. The gentle 40-mm bending radius is ensured at any packing density in order to guarantee top performance and availability.

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More future

  • Equipped for every FTTx scenario
  • Adaptations possible during operation
  • Later extensions can be implemented at any time

More flexibility

  • Modular system, replaceable components
  • Compatible with all typical cable types and micro ducts
  • Supports mixed assemblies of cables and micro ducts

More innovation

  • Reliable, re-sealable gel cold sealing
  • Modular, freely accessible cable entries
  • Intuitive handling for reliable installation

More efficiency

  • Fast, convenient, dependable installation
  • Scalable fiber management
  • One single platform for all applications