After more than 10 years of dedicated service to the Swissmem industry association, our esteemed Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hans Hess, will hand over the Swissmem presidency to his successor Martin Hirzel at the end of 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hans Hess for his many years of very committed work on behalf of the MEM industries and for the benefit of Switzerland as a workplace. With tireless commitment, a clear stance at all times and a personality of extreme integrity, he made a significant mark on the image of the MEM industries. With great expertise, always solution-oriented and with a great deal of knowledge, he championed the concerns of the industry and ensured that the industry was widely accepted in politics, business and the media. Education at all levels was also particularly important to him. Hans Hess supported the Swiss dual vocational training system with conviction and created the basis for a retraining initiative for adults with vocational qualifications. Switzerland’s international networking was also a major concern of his, and he supported cooperation on free trade agreements and the further expansion of the bilateral path with the EU.

Since 2007 Hans Hess has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of R&M. We are pleased that he will continue to hold this position and that we can ongoingly profit from his high level of expertise, knowledge and commitment to the benefit of our company.

Michel Riva, CEO