Modern video – modern standards

Today, video transmission is based increasingly on two modern standards: HDBaseT-IP (HDBaseT over IP) and SDVoE (Software Defined Video over Ethernet). Both use Ethernet/IP instead of proprietary protocols.

For the AV network, component manufacturers recommend top-quality, shielded Cat. 6A cabling as a minimum. When correctly installed, it guarantees loss-free full HD enjoyment.

Cat. 6A is new territory for many AV professionals, not only in Australia. As a rule, HDMI and coax cables have fulfilled almost every wish to date. They can be plugged in directly and the video system works.

But it is a relatively rigid cabling concept. HDMI and coax cabling offer little possibility of expansion and lack flexibility.

Advantages for installers

Australia’s AV industry wants to increasingly use the compelling advantages of Cat. 6A cabling in the future:

  • 6A cabling is more flexible to install than HDMI and coax.
  • It is the universal physical basis for using Ethernet/IP.
  • Specifications correspond to standard structured cabling for local data networks.
  • It is easy to create point-to-point physical interfaces, required for AV installations, with field-terminable Cat. 6A
  • With standard-compliant measuring methods, installers can demonstrate the quality of their work precisely. This is how they can guarantee the desired performance.

Product and know-how from one source

Faced with a technology change, distributors were looking for an all-in-one package for point-to-point cabling for AV installations. The search was for field-terminable 6A connectors and high-quality 6A shielded purple cables. It was no problem for R&M Australia to provide such a package. The field-terminable FM45 connector from R&M once more proved itself to be a universal tool.

R&M is the only supplier to also provide all the know-how for this kind of all-in-one solution. The company also provides a warranty for the entire cabling link (end to end).

In the R&M Qualified Partner Program (QPP), AV consultants and installers have recently started receiving special training sessions. R&M gives QPP graduates a 25-year warranty on AV installations.

This warranty in turn ensures their customers convenience and security. In this way, the Australian AV market is enjoying a smooth generation change.

IP connectivity in the AV market