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Corporate Social Responsibility

R&M is committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability. The Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Report regularly documents economic, ecological and social progress within the company.

R&M has been committed to CSER reporting for more than ten years now. Sustainability is very much a part of the culture of this independent family-run company. R&M conducts its business on the basis of the ethical values of an independent Swiss family business and on the principles of sustainable business practices. For 57 years, R&M has ensured fair dealings within the company and with the stakeholders. R&M is considered a reliable, sustainable partner in every respect. Particular attention is paid to the following areas:

  • Corporate development, customer relations, compliance
  • Use of resources and impact on the environment
  • Legal and social situation of employees

R&M discloses indicators, processes and topics that are relevant and essential for the company itself as well as stakeholders and partners. The CSER report shows that R&M meets the international standards of responsible entrepreneurship.

The stable development and commitment of R&M bear witness to the sustainable company philosophy. The company keeps the balance between economic, ecological and social perspectives. The proven approach to sustainability will take the company into the future. It is highly valued by the management team, the Board of Directors, and owners.

The extraordinary level of commitment demonstrated by R&M employees characterizes sustainability at the company. Their value-oriented and independent actions are always aimed at satisfying customers’ challenging requirements in a sustainable manner. The relevant HR processes are optimized continuously at all sites. The international and intercultural cooperation within the R&M Group is constantly being intensified.

The sustainable approach to network technology has wide-ranging effects for society and living conditions on Earth. High-performance connections are the basis for the modern communication society. Reliable communication infrastructures connect cultures, and help people have access to better education and good medical treatment among other things. They also help to use energy more efficiently and protect our climate and natural resources.

Anyone using cabling solutions from R&M should gain decisive, sustainable added value.

Sustainability is a component of R&M’s strategy and will be given even greater weight in the future. We take our corporate responsibility seriously at all levels.


Our mission – «We provide sustainability that matters»

The CSER Report is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


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