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2nd Generation Digital Ceiling

Active Service Consolidation Point solution. A zone switch is decentral placed near the Service Outlet multiplying the port count.

Service Outlet becomes Service Consolidation Point

In this solution a specially designed zone switch is placed near the Service Outlet. The network device multiplies the number of ports available. Low data rate Building Automation devices are connected directly to the Switch. In terms of the standardization, the Service Outlets transforms to a Service Consolidation Point (SCP).

Easy scalability with zone switch

Should the requirement for the number of ports in zone grow over time, the port count could easily be adopted by exchanging the zone switch. To overcome some of the disadvantages of the tree implementation with distributed zone switches, they should be specifically designed for this application. Typically, they are fan-less, easy to configure, with long MTBF and capable to provide maximum PoE power on all ports.

Switch specific SO solutions

Zone switches are much less uniform in appearance like network switches in floor distributors or desktop switches for residential use. Currently, no clear trend for the form factor is visible. 19” pizza box style switches and DIN-rail mounted industrial style switches are some forms available. In addition, a variety of proprietary designs are on the market as well.
In order to offer the SO/SCP and the zone switch as an integral solution, R&M engineered a series of solutions for the main switch manufacturers and main form factors. DIN-rail ,19” solutions and some proprietary Cisco-Styles are currently available.

Power for the switches

Since the purpose of the zone switch is to connect building automation devices with data and PoE power, they are designed to provide all the ports with the maximum specified power. With port counts of 8 and up, it is quickly clear, that the zone switch itself cannot be powered by PoE. In order to have enough power at the SO, a separate power supply with low voltage power must be considered.

Combination of data and low voltage power

A unique feature of the U-Box design is, that low voltage power and data lines can be placed in one single housing. Internal separations will make sure, that the requirements of the low voltage directives will always be met. With the versatile U-Box portfolio, R&M can find integrated solutions for nearly every style of switches.

Products for 2nd Generation Digital Ceiling

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