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Benefit from our warranty program and register your copper or fiber optic cabling system

Warranty Program

As an R&M partner, you become part of a unique quality management system.

R&M is a partner you can trust for structured building and LAN cabling, as well as for connection and distribution equipment in the world of copper and fiber optics. R&M has a unique warranty program.

As a family-owned Swiss company, R&M has a no-compromise policy with respect to quality. That means we are exclusively obligated to quality and to our customers, from the inception of the components to the ongoing operation of the installations.

Everyone profits from the Qualified Partner Program (QPP): users and customers, distributors and planners, installers, and system integrators. As an R&M partner, you become part of a unique quality management system that includes long-term warranties for the products used and for the entire network.

Three warranties for your own security

R&M offers one of the most complete warranty programs in the structured cabling industry based on EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801, and ANSI TIA 568. We develop and produce network components and cabling systems of the finest quality. Our goal is to provide customers with a solution offering better and more lasting performance.
In combination with the Qualified Partner Program (QPP), the warranty program covers all essential points necessary for this top-quality approach:

  • Planning
  • Product selection
  • Installation
  • Measurement at formal acceptance
  • Network operation

The result is a homogeneous solution with a defined level of quality.

Our three-level warranty program

We give our customers a guarantee that the installed R&M cabling system works properly and that all ratified network services, including Gigabit Ethernet, are transferred to all three systems.

In addition, R&M guarantees the transfer of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the VISION and the STAR range (according to IEEE 802.3an 10GBase-T) and if a Cat. 6A solution as per ISO/IEC 11801 is used. The warranty is granted by certified partners, who successfully completed the R&M Qualified Partner Program and did the installation according to the latest Installation Guide.

5 Years R&Mfreenet Product Warranty

The first warranty level says that R&Mfreenet passive components will function faultlessly during this period and will outperform the requirements of every relevant cabling standard.

Each partner who procures R&Mfreenet passive components and has passed the QPP basic course (“Qualified Level”) is entitled to offer his customers this extended product warranty.

All products carry a minimum 5-year warranty for material quality and workmanship unless otherwise stated (please check download box).

25 Years R&Mfreenet System Warranty

The second warranty level covers the entire R&Mfreenet cabling system and protects customers from malfunctioning components and installation problems.
The warranty is granted if the installation consists solely of R&Mfreenet passive components and was carried out by a certified installation manager (or entity that received advanced training from the QPP).

Lifetime R&Mfreenet Application Warranty

The third warranty level assumes that a certified designer planned the installation with passive components from the R&Mfreenet cabling system.
It contains a promise that all protocols supported by industry standards will run on the system for its entire service life.