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Office Cabling

Structured cabling in commercial buildings has a life expectancy of 15 -20 years. R&M has the reliable solutions to future proof the structured cabling infrastructure.

Future proofing the office cabling

Demands on the performance of communication networks have grown over the past years. Today, installing 10Gbit/s cabling is considered state of the art in many regions.
Structured cabling in commercial buildings is an investment in the future. Generic cabling should last for 10 -15 years and anticipate the next 2 – 3 generations of IT protocols. The requirements for applications possibly emerging during the lifetime of the structured cabling should be anticipated and be considered right from the start of the initial planning phase.

Full-service provider for structured cabling

Whether backbone cabling or horizontal cabling, whether fiber-optic cabling or balanced cabling – R&M creates future-proof, complete solutions for high-performance office communication. The recognized quality of the R&M components and R&Mfreenet cabling system ensures stable, interference-free data transmission on a long-term basis.

Freedom of implementation

Offices and commercial buildings come with a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes creating different circumstances for each installation. R&Mfreenet therefore provides a wide selection of structured cabling choices, on all levels. With R&Mfreenet the structured cabling solution will be tailored around the needs of the installation, not the other way around.

Backbone cabling

Connections between floor distributors or building distributors have to be able to transport enormous quantities of data. Fiber-optic technology is normally used for backbone cabling. Depending on the transmission distances and required transmission speeds, the backbone is planned either with multimode fibers (OM2, OM3, OM4) or single mode fibers (OS2).

Horizontal cabling

The main bulk of the connections in a LAN consist of the Horizontal cabling between floor distributor and the work area outlet. Multiple technology choices are available in this area.
Easy to install balanced cabling based on RJ45 connectivity are available in different performance levels: Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6A and Cat.8 supporting different transmission speeds. Depending on the electromagnetic environment (EMC level), such twisted pair cabling up to Cat.6A level is available in shielded and unshielded versions.

For installations with FO to the work area, R&M supports Fiber to the Office (FTTO) and Passive Optical LAN (POLAN) Solutions

Whatever the technology choices, R&M has future proof structured cabling solutions ready. With R&Mfreenet, your office cabling is fully equipped and ready for the enormous bandwidths needed in the future (10G / 25G or even 40 Gigabit Ethernet). Leading product quality and well-thought-out solutions guarantee highest reliability and availability. The modularity of the R&M solutions also offers planners and users a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

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