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1st Generation Digital Ceiling

Passive Service Outlet solution. All devices are connected via SO to the centralized Floor Distributor.

Easy handling with star wiring

In this solution, all the devices are connected directly to the Service Outlet. All networking equipment is centrally placed in the Floor Distributor. Each port of the SO is connected to a port in the Floor Distributor. Therefore, a significant number of cables are needed between SO and Floor Distributor. This solution gives a good overview and control of the installation and maintenance is easily done from one place.

Scalable U-Box solution

With constantly increasing number of devices in the zone, SO have to be able to accommodate a large number of ports in a small space. To conform to the environment in the ceiling space, the SO should provide a certain degree of mechanical and dust protection. The R&M U-Box portfolio meets these requirements ideally. Three different box sizes and adaptable port configurations allow for a flexible port counts of 2 to 24 RJ45 or FO connections.

Alternative solutions

Where higher or lower port counts are needed, 19” patch panel solutions or normal surface mount Terminal Outlet could be used. The Raised Floor Box provides room for up to 6 U 19” patch panels and can serve as both SO or Service Consolidation Point (SCP). The steel housing neatly fits the 600×600 millimeter grid dimensions.

R&M Microsplitter for cable sharing

If the number of installed ports in SO should not be enough over time, the use of a R&M cable sharing solution could be a problem solver. The R&M Microsplitter for example allows the parallel use of two Fast Ethernet devices over the same cable / SO port. This way, the port capacity could be doubled or even quadrupled, depending on used applications.

PoE compliance

PoE is probably the most common power source for the devices when Digital Ceiling is used. Within a first-generation implementation, significant cable bundles using PoE can be created. The heat, respectively the attenuation management in such cases gain immediate importance. R&M powerSafe products and tools like the “PoE Calculator” will help, designing a future proof cabling that meets also future requirements.

Products for 1st Generation Digital Ceiling

Digital Building Gen. 1
Digital Building Gen. 2
Digital Building SPE
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Patient Room
Treatment Room
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
On Board Cabling
Cabin Cabling
Industry LAN
Outdoor LAN
Multimedia Cabling
Home Distributor
Home Wiring
Server Hall
Data Center Interconnect
Data Center Computing Solutions
Operation & Maintenance
Building Entrance Facility
Customer Connection
Operation & Maintenance
Urban Development
Cable sharing
Horizontal cabling STP
Horizontal cabling UTP
WLAN integration
Backbone cabling
Horizontal FO
Voice & Control Int.
Ship Cabling
Healthcare Cabling
Residential Cabling
Office Cabling
Industrial Cabling
Digital Building
Local Area Network
Public Networks
Data Center
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