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R&M Cube

With the Cube, R&M’s head office in Switzerland, the network technology supplier demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable economy. This is where the connectivity solutions of the future are developed.

The architecture reflects R&M’s brand and mission and translates them into congruent industrial design. The low-energy construction method enables CO2-neutral operation. Open-space rooms promote the flow of information and teamwork.

This is where innovations for the network technology as well as copper and fiber optic cabling of the future are created. The Cube also serves as a production plant and logistics center.

The high-bay warehouse with 4,850 pallet slots integrated in the Cube works automatically. It supplies the partners promptly with installation material for copper and fiber optic networks. This enables them to implement their installation projects on schedule.

Green Building

In keeping with our corporate philosophy we opted for a responsible construction method.

The R&M Cube is one of the largest corporate buildings in Switzerland designed to meet the Low Exergie standard. At the same time, it fulfills the requirements of the Swiss Minergie standard. That means: The building consumes as little energy and raw materials as possible.

It uses existing heat in closed cycles and does not require carbon-based energy sources, such as oil. The R&M Cube emits 80 % less CO2 than a comparable, conventional building. A rainwater cistern supplies the required general service water.

The Building of the R&M Cube at High Speed