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Public Networks

Modern FTTX Infrastructure Solutions for Global Communication Networks

Communication Networks & Convergence

Communication network users enjoy new services with increasing frequency for the sheer convenience of it all. Such services range from IPTV or video on demand to online games or Internet storage of personal data. Intense use of cloud applications and software as a service are daily routines in offices and in our industries because they simplify processes and increase efficiency.

The media, trade and financial sectors send millions of data records around the globe through communication networks every second to serve the markets. Consequently, fast connections are meanwhile among the most relevant basic needs of communication networks for global societies. Decision making on where, in which city, to open your business depends on the availability of data center capacity, data highways and fiber optical network infrastructure. Smart Cities in which traffic, public transport, energy, waste management, wireless communication and information exchange in general are continuously managed, come along with new applications such as e-health, e-learning, e-government. This trend of developing towards a Gigabit Society in fast growing urban environments requires even more powerful fiber optical networks for highly efficient and reliable signal transmission.

Driven by such extensive growth of data traffic in communication networks and fiber optic being the adequate answer compared to any other medium – respective fiber optical network infrastructure rollouts are expanding throughout the world. Independent if the end-user device is wired or wireless – only an all-fiber optical network from the central office to the home, business center, customer premise or wireless service cell site ensures highest network performance. With 5G on the horizon the concept of a “one fiber optical network” that supports all needs – for wireless and wired services – is becoming a preferred solution and vision. But still, not all customers globally have the same needs. A stepwise technology migration towards FTTX can be different, depending on starting position, existing communication network topology and convergence strategy chosen as well as regulatory driven parameters.

  • R&M with many years of international experience in large FTTX rollouts will support customers around the world in optimizing their fiber optical network design, choosing the most suitable products and solutions for their individual needs.
  • R&M supports them with commercially viable fiber optic solutions for design and construction of future-oriented broadband communication networks. R&M develops together with network operators a profitable and individual access network infrastructure.
  • R&M’s modular FTTX product line is the flexible basis for such customized solutions, considering individual communication network topologies and future applications.

R&M offers cost-effective equipment for central office infrastructure, robust distribution solutions for outside plant applications, high quality cable and connectivity and finally termination solutions with easy to install boxes for fiber connectivity and management at different customer premises.

Typical FTTX communication network applications

Central Office

Customer specific solutions for effective assembly, future-proof expansion and effective operation of optical or copper connectivity distribution frames. Modular system elements complemented by professional planning consultancy for today’s broadband data communication network hubs.

Outside Plant

Complete portfolio of robust street cabins, underground closures and distribution boxes offering latest technology in fiber connectivity and management. Durable enclosure technology designed to perform under extreme environment conditions. Using modern gel sealing technology state of the art, easy to use without any special tools – independent if applied buried or aerial. Platforms that support all common cable types and fiber optical network topologies.

Customer Premises, Buildings and Cell Sites

Efficient fiber optical solutions for supplying different buildings and urban infrastructure with fiber optic connectivity. Building entry points inside and outside of the building, realized i.e. with Polaris-box family a compact, flexible and modular concept for fiber termination. Complemented by field deployable connectors as a modern alternative to fusion splicing. Fiber optical network connection in no time.

FTTX solutions for Different Industries

Where long-term reliability, system availability and secure connections are mandatory for safe, daily operations of communication networks.

Discover R&M’s Public Networks Solutions

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