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Horizontal cabling with Fiber Optics (FO)

Horizontal FO cabling is an ideal solution, if the transmission lengths exceed the maximum distance allowed for twisted pair cabling. Ethernet based (FTTO) and PON based solutions are available.

FO for extended link segment lengths

Providing each workspace with optical fiber cabling is the dream of every high-speed enthusiast. Having in principle unlimited bandwidth capacity, an end to end fiber optic channel has the potential to cover all requirements of current and future desktop applications. In addition, FO cabling compared to twisted pair cabling allows for longer cable runs and significantly reduced cabling weight, volume, and fire load. FO cabling also is the ideal choice, to reduce the sensitivity to EMC interference and to increase the difficulty of wiretapping.
Currently, available desktop devices are rarely equipped with FO interfaces (NICs). For this reason, the purely passive Fiber To The Desk (FTTD) implementation is used only occasionally. Alternatively, application specific solutions are offered on the market to overcome the problem of lacking desktop applications by converting the optical signals in electrical ones in or nearby the terminal outlet. These solutions are recognized under the terms “Fiber To The Office” (FTTO) and “Passive Optical LAN” (POLAN or POL). For all these applications R&M offers comprehensive, sophisticated and efficient cabling solutions that can be adapted to the specific requirement of each building project.

Collapsed backbone implementation

The standardization for generic cabling systems in customer premises requires at least two data connections between the terminal outlet and the floor distributor. One of these connections can be a FO duplex link. Typically, such a connection is done in OM3 or OM4 multimode fiber. Where distances allow it, Collapsed Backbone structures are often combined with such a solution, where the link is routed directly from the TO to the building distributor. In this kind of implementation, all the network switches are centralized in one location, making maintenance and management much easier.

Ethernet based FTTO solutions

In an FTTO solution, the optical signal is transformed into an electrical signal in a so-called Microswitch at the TO location. The Access-Switch is replaced by distributed Microswitches, that act as terminal outlets at the same time. The Microswitch is the key element of the solution, defining its functionality. It is connected to the rest of the network via horizontal FO cabling to a floor distributor or via collapsed backbone directly to the building distributor typically by multimode duplex FO cabling.
In this solution, one has to be aware of the fusing of active equipment and cabling into a combined system. Heat generation of the active TO must be managed and the implications of the fusion concerning maintenance accessability and life expectancy must be considered.

PON based POLAN solution

POLAN builds on proven technology that roots in the fiber to the home GPON technology. It operates with carrier-grade robustness, reliability, and Quality of Service (QoS). Plus, GPON is a mature technology, designed for simplicity and efficiency, easy to understand and manage.
Passive Optical LAN infrastructure incorporates single mode fiber cables, its distribution infrastructure, passive (non-powered) optical splitters and two main active electronic components. An optical line terminal (OLT), which typically resides in the data center or equipment room, and an optical network termination (ONT) that ensures a proper communication to and from the end user equipment.
An all-fiber POLAN installation is considered to offer savings in both capital and operating expenditure, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. A further advantage is that POLAN requires a smaller cabling infrastructure footprint. It has the potential to reduce or even eliminate the need for floor distributors, which in turn frees up floor space for additional working stations.
With extensive experience in both the LAN and the PON environment, R&M is in a prime position to offer complete, sophisticated solutions for POLAN.

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