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Construction Products Regulation

R&M meets the requirements of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) ahead of time. Since spring 2017, R&M has been labeling installation cables with the new fire protection classification as defined in the CPR.

The aim of the CPR is to unify the fire protection levels of products to better protect people in buildings from the effects of a fire in an emergency. This is why cables installed permanently in buildings must be tested and labeled to indicate their fire behavior from July 1, 2017 according to the standard EN50575. Data installation cables – both copper and FO – are particularly affected by the directive.

R&M adjusted and extended the cabling range to meet European and international safety, fire and health standards at an early stage. Therefore R&M can offer products for all fire protection classes.

According to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), manufacturers of fixedly installed cables have to test their products to defined European fire standards. Authorized bodies must be used for the fire tests and the process may include factory inspections as well. The fire test results of a product must be publicly available in a Declaration of Performance (DoP). This document can be obtained from this Website by referring to the DoP number. The DoP number of products covered by the CPR can be found on the special product label carrying the CE marking and on the product data sheet.

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