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ISP Installation Manager

Installation managers from Installer and partner companies invest two days to have hands-on training involving R&Mfoxs components, termination techniques and measuring procedures according to the standards and industry best practices. Enabling them to oversee and be responsible for the installation and quality control of Inside Plant R&Mfoxs Systems.

After passing the training units, they have an official designation: ISP Installation Manager

They receive a personal R&M credentials card and unlimited authorization to install R&Mfoxs.

The R&M Certified Installer Program is as effective as the R&Mfoxs cabling system. It gives network professionals the expertise for handling copper and fiber optics solutions from the Swiss quality leader in the industry and does so systematically and with an eye to success.

In the basic training courses, Installation managers learn and practice how to handle R&M products correctly and how to install passive cabling properly. Participants obtain a non-expiring R&M credentials card showing they are a ISP Installation Manager. We also provide training for OSP Installation Manager.