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Industrial Cabling

Machines are going online. Industry 4.0 and IIoT means widespread network connections in automation. Many IP applications in the building infrastructure are exposed to the outside environment. Ruggedized and highly reliable LAN products are needed in these challenging settings.

Ruggedized LAN products on demand

Thanks to its high quality, reliability and performance reserves, R&Mfreenet connectivity products form an excellent base for usage in more demanding environments as well. Additional protective housings, which can be fitted around the base product on demand, expand the usability range of these systems. This modular principle helps users to react flexible to new requirements as they arise. Allowing retrofitting, modifying and expanding is integral part of the industrial solutions from R&M.

Industrial LAN products for all applications

R&M solutions offer open standards, standardized cabling and connection technologies, high performance and bandwidths and the necessary stability for industrial use. Industrial solutions from R&M are suitable for end to end connections from offices and data centers down to the individual device layer – whether in factory halls or extensive outdoor facilities. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions (climatic and mechanical) and meet extreme industrial requirements in terms of safety, availability, cost discipline and efficiency.

MICE characterization

MICE environmental classes (Mechanical, Ingress, Climatic and Chemical, Electromagnetic) in three levels each provide orientation for network planning and component selection. The classes can be applied in similar fashion to required IP-protection classes with a higher level of refinement.
MICE 1 (or more precisely M1I1C1E1) defines the lowest classification level, describing the requirements for an office environment. MICE 3 (or M3I3C3E3) describes the requirements for products intended for the heavy industrial environment.

Industry automation environment

Industrial manufacturing companies need to plan production based on actual market needs, procuring on time, manufacturing just in time and checking every detail for quality. Meeting these objectives requires control over all company processes and the entire value-added chain. For this, a reliable communication structure is needed using a high-performance information technology network that grows along with all industrial operational requirements. Production floors and manufacturing facilities must be connected to the data network. Control and communication, traditional bus systems and universal Ethernet are merging. New structures are being established between back offices, factories and customers. These are subjected to the toughest requirements and need reliable, robust cabling. Network downtime in a highly automated environment costs money, reputation and is very stressful.

Outdoor LAN environment

IP devices like IP cameras or digital signage panels are increasingly used in outdoor environments. The cabling connecting these devices with the rest of the data network must withstand the special rigors of the outside climates. For example, UV-resistance and waterproofness of the cables used in that area are of particular interest. Especially challenging are cases where cables run indoor and outdoor and have to meet both sets of requirements.

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