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Voice & control cabling

2-wire applications in the backbone for Voice or Control circuits are still sometimes used. R&M maintains a portfolio for the integration of such applications

Cabling for legacy equipment

150 years old voice telephony is still one of the most common forms of telecommunication. On the horizontal, traditional analog and digital voice transmissions have been largely replaced by voice transmission via Internet Protocol (Voice over IP or VoIP) or by integration into streaming applications. In the backbone however, legacy equipment for voice or control applications may still be used and appropriate cabling between distributors should be considered.

Backbone cabling for voice and control

When it comes to integrating analog or control connections R&M is a partner with high levels of expertise. As a supplier to renowned telephone providers, R&M has been part of branch for decades. Usually, an application-specific backbone cabling using multi-pair cables is constructed between distributors to create a provider-quality two wire infrastructure based on RJ45 connectivity or distribution blocks (110 style).

Horizontal cabling considerations

The generic cabling solution can be used for analog, digital or VoIP telephony, as well as for Ethernet data transmission. When using VoIP, checking whether voice and data applications are to be operated on separate networks is recommended during the planning phase. Separate systems could improve quality of service (QoS) levels on the active devices. This should be considered when planning the number of outlets per workstation.

Products for Voice & control cabling

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