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Customer Premises

Bridging the last meters of FTTX-networks – service to the end customer

R&M’s different solutions for customer premises, such as private homes, single- or multi-dwelling units, business buildings, university campuses as well as private and public radio network cell sites.

Efficient solutions for supplying different types of buildings and urban infrastructure with fiber optical
cabling and connectivity. Building entry points inside and outside of the building, realized with termination boxes or Distribution Housings like the Venus and the Polaris-box family.

The Polaris-box family is the new generation of FO-boxes for flexible fiber optic termination at indoor or outdoor applications. Applications range from single-family homes to large industrial building complexes or venues. Inside of buildings, Polaris-boxes are suitable for entry points (BEP), riser zones, floor distributors up to the Optical Termination Outlet (OTO). They support patch, splice and splitter configurations as well as flexible and individual assembly. The Polaris-box family is offering a wide range of cable entry solutions using different sealing concepts depending on the environmental conditions and requirements.

Complemented by wall mounted optical distribution frames ODFs for professional and customer specific, high-density optical cable distribution management inside of multi-dwelling unit houses.

Finally accomplished by different fiber optical outlets at the end user plus fiber optical installation cable of different types coming together with field deployable connectors as a modern alternative to fusion splicing. Fiber optic connection in no time.

All together a comprehensive, modern solution portfolio for network operators to quickly bridge the last meters of their FTTX networks to connect their end customer in a cost-efficient, fast and easy way with products and solution which are future proof and already prepared for upgrades or integration of new technologies.

Products for Customer Premises

Digital Building Gen. 1
Digital Building Gen. 2
Digital Building SPE
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Patient Room
Treatment Room
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
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