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Utilities and City Carriers

Efficient fiber optical infrastructure to serve critical network architectures

R&M solutions provide modern utilities with efficient communication and control infrastructure for their state-of-the-art public services. This includes fiber optic and copper connectivity solutions for performant data centers, cabling and connectivity for reliable data collection from different sensors in the grid as well as their secure transmission and evaluation – basis for the operation and management of modern smart grids. Electric utilities are part of the fabric of the communities they serve. No one knows city infrastructure better than the local utility. That puts them in a unique position to help develop basic neighborhood infrastructure into modern communication and service networks of smart cities. With R&M as a partner offering modern fiber optic and copper connectivity solutions, they are enabling citizens and local business to achieve modern operational excellence, revenue potential and sustainable lifestyles.

R&M offers utilities specific expertise and consultancy in order to design based on most advanced system elements a customized solution for their ambitious contributions to broadband infrastructure developments in city neighborhoods. For this R&M is using building-blocks that make the individual design of FTTX network architectures intuitive and easy. Our innovative fiber optic and copper connectivity solutions are based on latest technology, offer modularity and all elements match into a flexible system. This makes R&M’s offering always a preferable choice in meeting specific requirements also of utility and city carrier applications at customer sites located indoors as well as outdoors.

R&M’s fiber optic and copper connectivity solutions offer high-quality components for demanding network topologies in a utility and city carrier context. As they offer parts of their network capacity to end customers, as well as to other carriers or service providers – they especially count on R&M’s quality and simplified assembly and operation features. Required investments can be managed also with limited local budgets while having intelligent scalability features included in the fiber optic and copper connectivity solutions. So future rollouts are technically prepared and total cost of ownership is fully justifiable at every implementation step.

R&M’s product portfolio covers specific needs of utilities and city carriers for time- and cost-efficient rollouts, reliable operation and competitive service provision for their business partners and private end-customers.

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