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Digital Building

In Smart Buildings the number of connected devices is growing exponentially. Digital Ceiling solutions support ALL-IP convergence in the building automation.

ALL-IP building automation

Today, buildings are full of electronics, sensors and all kinds of controllers. To be able to control and use them smartly, these systems have to network with one another and provide data to a centralized building master control system. Building automation migrates from proprietary field bus systems toward Ethernet and increasingly communicates via standard IP protocol from management layer down to sensor/actor level. This way, manufacturer and technology independent network technology connects the individual components

LAN cabling for Distributed Building Systems (DBS)

With a suitable cabling structure, the LAN could also be the communication backbone for the building automation. The standards committees developed such structured cabling structures in ISO/IEC 11801-6 and EN 50173-6. These standards promote a dedicated, pre-installed structured cabling system in the ceiling. The covered space is divided into separate zones and a Service Outlet (SO) is placed in the middle of the zone. Each zone size is defined in such a way, that one Wireless Access Point can cover the entire zone. The size of the zones is therefore dependent on the used WLAN technology. Devices placed in the zone will be connected via the Service Outlet to the floor distributor.

Key Technology: Power over Ethernet

Innovations such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) increase the possible uses of IP/ Ethernet and are a big enabler in the Building Automation environment. PoE is used to supply terminal equipment with power over the data network and RJ45 connectors. The need for other power sources like AC-power or battery packs cease to exist. This saves the need for parallel cabling to the devices or the need for consumables – an immense bonus in effort and expenses.

Reliability with PowerSafe

The constant electricity load with a high PoE performance of up to – currently – 90 watt however, requires suitable cables and contacts. PowerSafe products from R&M are designed to reliably support PoE on the highest level.

LED over PoE

The introduction of LED lighting changed the requirements for luminaires dramatically. Today a single light unit hardly needs more than 30W of power to generate the necessary illumination. This power level is well within the area of PoE. With PoE the data connection comes for free and the LED light becomes intelligent. Integrated sensors (environment, air quality, presence sensors) seem to transform LED light into a central element of the future environment management system. The use of PoE as an Extra Low Voltage System (ELV) also has the potential to change the installation environment fundamentally.

Digital Ceiling Solution

Based on DBS cabling, the integration of devices for ALL-IP Building Automation is easily possible. In addition to WAPs or IP-cameras, these devices are simply connected to the nearest Service Outlet. Obviously, the number of ports in the Service Outlet will have to be increased to accommodate the increased number of devices in the zone. Alternatively, a network device (Zone Switch) to multiply the port count available in the zone can be placed near the Service outlet.

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