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Home Distributor

Building entry points, floor distributors or home distributors form the cornerstone of networks in residential buildings of all sizes. R&M offers modular distributor solutions that can be individually equipped.

Centralized distribution point

The use of a centralized home distributor is the cornerstone of modern multimedia cabling in the residential environment. In it, all provider cables are terminated and accessible. Provider and technology dependent network equipment will be placed in the home distributor and connected to the provider cabling. On the other side, the different triple play services are patched to the multimedia cabling that connects to the different rooms of the living space.

Part of the electrical infrastructure

The home distributor can easily be part of the normal electrical distribution system, provided low voltage regulation requirements for separation are maintained. For this application, R&M has multiple solutions to integrate the data and multimedia cabling.
DIN rail adapters are available for example in 1 and 1.5 TE width units. RJ45 and FO modules can be mounted into these adapters, providing secure fixation on the rail and automatic earthing and grounding for shielded components. The adapters fit into the cutouts in the blinds of industry standard DIN rail boxes. For larger installations, small sized 19″ distribution cabinets and panels can be used and may be the preferred solution for optimum overview and handling.

Dedicated home distributor

In selected markets, R&M offers dedicated surface-mounted and flush-mounted home distributors in a variety of different models for use in apartments and single homes. These home distributors are completely equipped with terminals for provider and horizontal cabling and with attachment points for active network equipment.
Closed doors and doors with ventilation slots are available depending on requirements. Slotted doors are used to dissipate the heat generated by the active components and to prevent interference to the WLAN signal, if the WAP is located in the home distributor. A comprehensive set of accessories can be selected to complement the home distributors according to individual needs.

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