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On board infrastructure Cabling

Reliable R&M cabling with high availability supports high-speed data networks on board with good protection from outside disturbances.

Assembly on site

Professional connectors for direct assembly on site reduce the materials and space required in the installation of switch links. Here, the installation cable is connected directly to a plug and then to the active components (e.g. camera, WLAN antenna, an access terminal). In addition to a reduction in materials used (no connection module, no outlet, no patch cord), operational reliability is also increased through the minimization of plugged connections within a data channel.
Field-mountable connectors may also simplify maintenance and repair when in operation.

Vibration proof is key

Above all, vibrations pose a problem to plugged connections. The vibration resistance of a plugged connection is defined by the contact stability of the contacts between plug and socket / jack. The RJ45 contacts in R&M products are designed to cover the allowed contact range with good contact force reserves. Also wire termination in IDC contacts and good strain relief of the cable are important components to have stable performance in a vibration rich environment.
Fiber-optic connectors are typically less sensitive to vibration than copper due to their lower mass.
FO connectivity from R&M impress thanks to their extremely narrow mechanical tolerances and high levels of dimensional stability when exposed to climatic influences.

Low volume PoE applications

The advantages of Power over Ethernet are especially visible in shipbuilding, where the space available for installations is limited. Providing power and data at the same time reduces the volume of the cabling dramatically. With PoE power levels constantly increasing, using components designed for PoE support become decisive for the risk-free operation of PoE data lines. R&M powerSafe products are the ideal choice for PoE transmissions of all levels.

Professional Infrastructure management

As the space available on board is restricted, keeping a close eye on the installation at all times is critically important in order to carry out maintenance and modifications efficiently and cost-effectively.
The R&MinteliPhy range includes professional administration software that can be operated independently from the monitoring installation (monitoring of ports/visualization during maintenance, modifications, and expansions).
Color coded ports and plug-in / plug-out locks simplify maintenance and reduce the error rate when carrying out modifications. A subsequent expansion of the R&M standard installation (platforms, patch cords) with additional features for infrastructure management can be carried out at any time for both FO and copper (RJ45).

Products for on board infrastructure cabling

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