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Residential Cabling

Residential cabling requires a robust, generic cabling for the IT communication. Voice and data, CATV and SAT, multimedia and home automation should be able to be connected “plug and play” – style within a central Home Distributor.

Structured cabling solution for maximum flexibility

Since the multimedia solutions and digital world we live in today are so varied, home wiring cabling solutions from R&M for apartments and the private homes are designed to provide maximum flexibility. Generic infrastructures can be created based on the R&Mfreenet cabling system that leaves nothing to be desired.
The solutions comply with the ISO/IEC 11801-4 and EN 50173-4 standard for structured residential cabling and enable a classic star-shaped data cabling to be implemented. R&Mfreenet also offers solutions for star-shaped or bus-shaped coaxial cabling. The R&M multimedia outlet even brings the best of both worlds together: RJ45 ports for data and telecommunication and coaxial sockets for audio, video, satellite and cable television.

Centralized distribution for optimal handling

The R&M program for residential cabling extends from the home distributor to the terminal outlet. The home distributor sits at the entry point for the building, floor or apartment to the interface with the public broadband system either by copper or fiber-optic socket. The distributor and its connectivity solutions allow the customer to change their phone, Internet and TV supplier as they wish. R&M solutions are neither application nor provider specific. They support Triple Play and Open Access applications. The services are connected to the desired terminal outlet by short patch cords. Once setup, the solution is purely plug and play.

Tailored residential portfolio

The R&Mfreenet residential portfolio is tailored optimally to demands in the home and forms a reliable basis in order to cover the constantly changing and growing demands in this segment. Cabling solutions based on R&Mfreenet are not only the first choice when it comes to new residential cabling installations – but R&M also has solutions available for conversions, renovations and retrofitting.
Small cable diameters improve the handling in often restricted spaces. Robust connectivity accepts even unexperienced operators’ manipulations. Field mountable FM45 connectors allow cost effective cabling implementations and allow the termination exactly where it needs to be

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