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Outdoor LAN

Outdoor LAN products typically need some protection from UV-exposure and from limited exposure from damp and water (moderate IP-protection, IP54 – IP67).

LAN in outdoor environments

In order to protect the connections from environmental influences such as moisture, dust, and chemicals, R&M offers suitable housings and boxes that meet high protection classes.
Cabling that runs outdoors needs some protection against moisture, water and UV exposure. Typically, special cable jacket materials are needed for these requirements. Depending on the level of possible water exposure, e.g. in buried cables, water blocking fillers are used inside the cable to prevent longitudinal migration of water along the length of the cable.

Combination of indoor and outdoor requirements

Cabling that runs indoors and outdoors must conform to both sets of requirements. Indoors, fire protection requirements have to be fulfilled. Outdoors, some protection against moisture, water and UV rays need to be applied. Specialized cables, often with dual material jackets, can offer this feature.

Environment proof connectivity

Special care should be taken to make the connection points safe. Either the connection is done inside a protective housing / box, or the connector itself is protected by special housings. For RJ45 and FO connectivity, IP 54 up to IP67 housings are available that protect the inside products. A series of boxes is available, to protect whatever is terminated inside the box. With extensive experience in the public networks’ environment, R&M is ideally positioned to apply it’s sealing expertise in the LAN as well.

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